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August 3, 2018
Giuliana Dusi

Improve communication in Omnichannel

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2018-08-03 00:00:00
Giuliana Dusi

Thanks to the ease of use given by a centralized archive and its ease of use and integration with existing business systems, the solution allows you to configure infinite channels of communi

When we speak of omnichannelality, the element that is at the center of everything is not the company itself but the end customer, a customer who wants to choose to inquire and / or buy through the channel that is most congenial to him. On the other hand, however, the staff who must take care of keeping all the company channels used by their customers up-to-date, need to manage the information by optimizing the times and reducing the possibility of errors. With the increase in publishing channels available to companies (think that until a few years ago the consumer was reached at most, through television, radio and print media), the difficulty of checking the consistency of information has grown published and the amount of time it takes to manage them.

All this has given rise to new real problems such as information in digital format that being resident on different computers or business tablets can be lost, the lack of timeliness in updating information to the public, can lead to the sale of large quantities of products to a disadvantageous price for the company, or even generate an inconvenience for the final customer who, as a result of the purchase, does not receive the desired product or even worse than the appropriate assistance for this and other types of situations. To overcome all this and therefore be managed at best, omnichannel communication must demand three fundamental things from the solutions used: consistency, speed and flexibility.

Consistency of the data

Discounted is that company data should never be duplicated in multiple databases or instances, so that those published, which we decide to make available to our users, end or sales network at all levels, remain absolutely consistent with those present at inside the company. An active connectionbetween the company management system, the information management system proposed by GMDE and the website or e-commerce, in which the products are offered, makes it possible to have no interference between the design of a product and its commissioning. available on the site with information relating to the same.

Traveling in the national production fabric GMDE has been able to see that, much more frequently than you can imagine, companies communicate within them with endless exchanges of emails. Emails in which, for example, the design side communicates variations of information about products to the persons in charge of communication. Email in which the latter require details or changes to the agencies that take care of the layout of the catalogs. Or again, when you go to manage information on translations of product descriptions and requests for photos or videos of the same ? a sea of communications where everything is confusing, absolutely unmanageable and last but not so sure, if we also think about advent of the GDPR in a few weeks.

Since the sending of the mail in which a change is communicated, the modification can happen of everything: unread messages, confusion on the product actually modified, lack of timeliness in receiving the changes, until the incorrect rebuttal of a value. With regard to this state of real confusion, here is an example, perhaps a little out of the context of this dossier, of GMDE?s ability to be flexible and multifaceted in the solution of problems that presuppose the analysis and optimization of production flows: GMDE has been supporting for many years in the printing centers of Italian newspapers where, due to the constant reduction of printed copies and the increase in the titles produced to offset the turnover, human intervention has increasingly been considered ?harmful?. ?.

It was therefore decided to entrust the handling of the printing plates to the machines and to make all the processes previously entrusted to mankind automated, processes including register and print quality controls. People have been assigned the control and supervision of these systems, for greater professionalism and quality of work. As in the press centers or in the editorial offices, GMDE?s proposal is also to reduce repetitive operations to a minimum and therefore the possibility of error in charge to staff, leaving space for creativity and innovation in communication.

Time to market reduction

Thanks to the speed at which information on the web travels and the touch points chosen by customers to keep themselves informed, the time for updating the publication channels is increasingly reduced to a minimum. The price variation or removal of a product from the market can in fact determine the success of a sale, if done at the correct time and on all the channels in which the product is published. Also in this case GMDE has witnessed a striking example. To close the sale of a significant quantity of the same product for a chain of hotels, can become a nightmare when it is discovered that the product has been withdrawn from the market but the area reserved for the sales force had not yet been updated at the time of the creation of the ?offer.

Flexibility of configuration

Organizing all company data within a centralized repository, powered by internal management and from there to publish on all configured channels is a process for everyone. The most important information of a product can be mainly the technical characteristics, the price and the available stock.

In most cases these three types of information come from different sources. Putting them together and then posting them on the website, in the company app or in the production of a paper catalog is a process that GMDE knows well. Publishing, a field in which GMDE has been operating for 25 years, has anticipated companies in the management of information. Editorial contributions that come from collaborators and reporters outside the editorial office, advertising material and photos or videos, are conveyed in an archive from which they are then republished in the paper edition, on the website, on the digital sheeter. With some projects open and others being analyzed, GMDE is able to confirm the high flexibility of configuration of the platform dedicated to omnichannel communication. Flexibility linked to the source of data, their structuring and management of existing and / or future publication channels.



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