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Our mission consist of research the best available solutions and systems, of exam their stability and productive capacity, of integrate them depending on the real needs.


An in-depth analysis of the current customer situation is the basis of GMDE's proposal. Knowing the systems already used in the company and understanding the real needs in order to propose the best solution. the evaluation of all the respects of the intregration of the products leads to the best management of the ongoing business innovation project.


Completed automation of the file handling, from the control of the input materials to the correction of them for a better printing. Reduction of the printing error, best integration with existing workflows, customized controls, reporting.


Workflow system designed specifically to fully integrate both the equipment and the activities involved during the production of the newspaper. Input of the each page, planning, imposition before computer to plate, punch-bender and press room. Complete management of the pages, from the editorial system to the creation of the press’ plate


Control systems placed on essential points of the production workflow allow to prevent potential failures in print. Color control of the produced pages, calibrated displays, Color register control are just some of the needs. GMDE has the right solution.


Automation solutions and technologies, innovative and with high quality, allow to automate the manual printing workflow, to improve the operation of the printing machine, to reduce the materials consumption and to increase the reliability of the machine. Without forget the return on investment!


Provision of raw materials indispensable for production processes, first of all plates. Plate engraving and washing systems, designed to guarantee maximum durability of the plates themselves. Installation, maintenance and support services included in the GMDE proposal.


Printing plates handling systems that reduce human intervention and thus allow the production of all the flow within the printing center. Flow that also includes bending and punching the plates.


Post-sales services and maintenance on printing machines both in the press area of newspapers and in commercial printing.


Systems that allow the layout of editorial content, catalogs, brochures. Ability to manage production through workflow and user configuration. Personnel involved in production with full web activity.


Fully integrable automation systems with existing business systems. Increasing productivity, reducing those repetitive processes that easily lead to error at the production stage. Fully monitored processes with the ability to have activity reports.


Reach readers and customers through any available communication channel. Channels such as timeless paper, web portal, app and not last mail. Paper, digital, social, and video communications, to always capture their attention and increase fidelity!


Almost always what we see on a monitor is not what we see as a print result. Calibrated viewers, color control and color control systems allow you to get the highest quality for your creatives.


The production of an editorial publication largely depends on the advertising component. Editorial planners that perfectly integrate the management of advertising space and editorial content are an important aid to the publisher.


Lifelong for every publication, advertising should be managed by the sale of spaces to both paper and digital promotion. Systems that control not only disclosure but that supports during producing content increase profit.


What is the reaction of users to the disclosure of news? What are the most influential people in the web that can catalyze attention? Having this information allows you to plan communication and to convey the audience.


Reach your favorite readers for the paper edition at the closest point to them. From the press center to the newsstands and back, all managed and controlled.


Almost all of the attention has been catalyzed by videos in recent years. Video news, video recipes, video balances, all in video format. Data story telling possible thanks to the solution proposed by GMDE.


Product, service and user data that are comprehensive and usable to integrate corporate communications. A properly configured data handler that allows the production of catalogs, web site and ecommerce, app and custom communication.


Centralization of the entire digital archive, where digital content refers to all types of image, video, text, audio files. Available in cloud or on-premise, accessible by all authorized users. Complete with versioning, tagging and metadata compilation makes search more precise and faster.


01 Installation

GMDE provides the installation of the equipment that makes up the purchased solution, also dealing with the interface with any pre-existing systems. For specific projects, GMDE helps the customer to develop and improve the use and productivity of existing application systems.

02 Training

To ensure the best performance of a new system, it is crucial for users to know all the features and capabilities. For this reason GMDE, after completing the installation, offers a training and training service for the company's staff on the new deployed solution.

03 Starter

The start-up phase to production, immediately following training, is when GMDE personnel will help production operatively and transfer know – how and best use of the equipment and systems.

04 Maintenance

To ensure maximum efficiency of machinery in operation, we offer custom maintenance agreements tailored to the specific plant and needs of the customer.

05 Support

You can apply for assistance from our specialized technicians throughout the production flow and for more information or clarification on the installed solution. The GMDE team's intervention, always in a timely fashion, assures the customer a fast recovery of the plant.


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