GMDE (Gil, Marino, Dario, Enio) is set up, based in Agrate, to provide assistance on the publishing systems installed by Crosfield.


With Crosfield in bankruptcy, the shareholders decide to start a Sinedita publishing system, which will then be taken care of.

The first operation of Sinedita by GMDE is made to "L'Avvenire" completely performed by GMDE technicians.

GMDE grows and expands, acquiring the commercial and technical areas dedicated to the prepress area from Crosfield. It starts with the management of Dupont assistance contracts.


1996 - After having decided to start a sale for Sinedita in Gazzetta del Sud (Messina).

1997 - A new project starts with the collaboration with HIT for the sale of the Intellinet.


Year in which AGFA takes over Dupont, acquires the Intellinet and begins the historical collaboration with GMDE.

A small project originated in GMDE on the offer of the creation of a historical archive dedicated to newspapers. They will adhere to the project that will last a few years tested such as Giornale di Brescia and Eco di Bergamo.


With the beginning of the first websites GMDE dedicates to try and approach the world of the web.

With Intellinet GMDE it begins to follow the sending of the pages of "Il Corriere della sera" via broadcasting all over the world.


2002 - GMDE decides to abandon Sinedita to start publishing the Tera publishing system.

2003 - First example of virtual sheeting followed by GMDE with the "Gazzetta del Sud".


Based on the example of E-polis, the current DMedia is born, completely complete for installation, training and start-up, from GMDE.

Thanks to GN3 of Tera born "Sardinia" and E-polis with the first experience of the logic of shared editions.


The prepress proposal is extended. Plate punching and bending machines added to the product package.

The era of full color begins. Installation boom at the Computer to Plate press centers.


The newspaper cloud processing plant is born. Il Fatto Quotidiano is born, the first newspaper created entirely in the cloud and with the GN3 editorial system.

GN3 evolves and becomes GN4, but has become a product of Miles33.


The prepress proposal is complete with the solutions dedicated to color control and inking for the rotary presses.


Sicily, thanks to the solutions proposed by GMDE, publishes in multi-channel, on paper, virtual leafing and website.


Opening to the industry. GMDE understands that it has a high level of content management skills and that it can be implemented in an omnichannel manner.


The Truth is born relying completely on GMDE, a sign that publishing in Italy is not dead as many now say, and that recognizes in GMDE a unique and reliable partner.


25 years of activity, 40 professionals in pre-press, publishing and industry, the first GMDE Academy.

2019 - A new house for GMDE. A building in which the two large areas of GMDE technicians are located, the systems area in a large open space and the pre-printed area with a warehouse completely used for the management of the machines for the printing centers.



The customers with whom GMDE works daily are more than 100 and... they are all satisfied

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