Prepress has always been part of GMDE’s technical DNA. We have made multi-brand competence one of our greatest strengths along with the presence on the territory, organization and availability of resources and spare parts.

Image Analysis and proposal

Analysis and proposal

An in-depth analysis of the current customer situation is the basis of GMDE's proposal. Knowing the systems already used in the company and understanding the real needs in order to propose the best solution. the evaluation of all the respects of the integration of the products leads to the best management of the ongoing business innovation project.

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Handling and automation

Printing plates handling systems that reduce human intervention and thus allow the production of all the flow within the printing center. Flow that also includes bending and punching the plates.

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Image Handling and automation
Image Automated Process

Automated Process

Fully integrable automation systems with existing business systems. Increasing productivity, reducing those repetitive processes that easily lead to error at the production stage. Fully monitored processes with the ability to have activity reports.

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CTP Computer to plate

Provision of raw materials indispensable for production processes, first of all plates. Plate engraving and washing systems, designed to guarantee maximum durability of the plates themselves. Installation, maintenance and support services included in the GMDE proposal.

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Image CTP Computer to plate
Image Call 4 Bids

Call 4 Bids

News! --> New advisory service dedicated to small and medium-sized enterprises, whose objective is to support companies in access to non-refundable funding provided by national and regional calls (mise, CCIAA, Region). GMDE offers itself as a consultant, also strong of the certification like Innovation Manager obtained from the inner staff, in the support to the PMI for all the phase of Project Management.

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Color Management

Almost always what we see on a monitor is not what we see as a print result. Calibrated viewers, color control and color control systems allow you to get the highest quality for your creatives.

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Image Color Management
Image Preflight Automation

Preflight Automation

Completed automation of the file handling, from the control of the input materials to the correction of them for a better printing. Reduction of the printing error, best integration with existing workflows, customized controls, reporting.

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Press Management

Automation solutions and technologies, innovative and with high quality, allow to automate the manual printing workflow, to improve the operation of the printing machine, to reduce the materials consumption and to increase the reliability of the machine. Without forget the return on investment!

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Image Press Management
Image Service


Post-sales services and maintenance on printing machines both in the press area of newspapers and in commercial printing.

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Control System

Control systems placed on essential points of the production workflow allow to prevent potential failures in print. Color control of the produced pages, calibrated displays, Color register control are just some of the needs. GMDE has the right solution.

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Image Control System
Image Workflow


Workflow system designed specifically to fully integrate both the equipment and the activities involved during the production of the newspaper. Input of the each page, planning, imposition before computer to plate, punch-bender and press room. Complete management of the pages, from the editorial system to the creation of the press’ plate.

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