Published on
August 1, 2018
Giuliana Dusi

ANES Digital gets a new Steering Committee

Published on
2018-08-01 00:00:00
Giuliana Dusi

New ANES Digital President elected

On November 27th, the shareholders? meeting of the DIGITAL section was held at ANES headquarters. The assembly was an opportunity to elect the new President and Steering Committe who will lead the section until 2019.


Among the main objectives set by the new president, Daniele Paganini, and by the Steering Committee is to help publishers in the transition from traditional to digital. The new Digital program will develop around the growth of the digital component of each publisher, bringing new skills and new technologies. All this involving the major players on the market.


For the next three years, the Steering Committee will be represented by five elected members representing the Publishing Partners and two by the Suppliers Members. They are respectively: Silvia Argentiero, MGP & Partners, Alessio Crisantemi, Gn Media, Linda Ferri, Editrice Industriale, Carlo Latorre, Cronoart, Paolo Sciacca, Tecniche Nuove, Carlo Caporizzi, GMDEGiangiacomo Castelfranchi, SoDiP.


Carlo Caporizzi, CEO at GMDE Srl ?a company in which it has been operating since 2001, it has consolidated its experience in the digital world in which it has been operating since the dawn of the first websites of various publishing houses and today actively participates in the digital policies of many publishing houses both in newspapers and magazines. and books with targeted solutions. Where the focus is particularly focused on unique and shared environments between paper, web and mobile communication to create a synergy of communication that helps publishers to develop new channels of contact with the user and sales of ad-hoc services and advertising ( Aggregated Member).

About ANES Digital

ANES Digital, founded in June 2013 as an independent section, it is the consolidation of the experience of the Publishing Group Online, a laboratory for studying and comparing publishers specialized in multi-channel publishing, where paper editions are supported in portals, web services and apps.
ANES Digital is an association aimed also at publishers called ?pure digital?.
Among the objectives is also to promote the creation of professional relationships, business networks and purchasing groups.
The ANES Digital Section today represents 55 publishers with 279 digital publishing products, 4 companies providing digital-related services and 9 start-ups.




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