Published on
March 26, 2020

ANES - Press release

Published on
2020-03-26 12:10:19

B2B publishers don't stop!

Milan, March 2020 - These days are governed by uncertainty, which is why we, the b2b communication actors, technical-professional and specialized, try to represent a safe point of reference for readers and advertising investors.
The b2b market has long decision-making cycles so that sometimes a decision-maker takes months to choose what to buy and from whom.
At times like this, communication with the right tone of voice is essential to guide sales in the coming months, and certainly preferable to silence.
This is why B2B publishers, technical-professional, specialized do not stop.
#glieditorib2bnonsifermano #lacomunicazioneb2bnonsiferma

ANES - National Industry Publishing Association

Founded in Milan in 1995, it is the national association of category that represents in Italy B2B publishing, professional and specialized, both on paper and multimedia. To ANES they join 150 companies with beyond 900 present warheads in 28 mereological compartments, that they reach every month more than 6 million readers between enterprises and professional operators.



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