Published on
June 10, 2019
Giuliana Dusi

Ediland meeting - WanIFRA Italia

Published on
2019-06-10 00:00:00
Giuliana Dusi

2019 edition of the usual appointment with daily publishing

Towards the future

Best practices and strategies for a new vision

Confronting on how to set new strategies to face the continuous changes of the publishing market is the main focus of Ediland Meeting.
During the day will be followed by well-known faces, Gianni Paolucci and Sergio Vitelli who will bring to the attention the trends that are investing the publishing market in the world, new faces, Marco Aschedamini of The Provincia di Cremona and Davide Ferrario of the Prealpina just to name a few.

The sharing of new experiences, new business models in a market that seems not to adapt to the needs of the new generations, is the objective of the event.
A certain fact is that from the millennials onwards readers point to the information usable digitally, but are willing to pay for insights and content. Publishers must, therefore, consider differentiating their proposal by making the coexistence between digital information and printed information, not competitive but one supporting the other.

At Ediland meeting, as every year, will be then exposed the results of the Observatory "Carlo Lombardi" concerning:

  • trends and perspectives of the newspaper market
  • trends in the advertising market, trends and employment prospects
  • pay trends and costs of polygraphic work, technological and market trends in place.

GMDE is a sponsor of Ediland Meeting
Supplier of solutions dedicated to the daily publishing market for 25 years, is a sponsor of the event.



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