Published on
November 6, 2018
Giuliana Dusi

GMDE Academy is born!

Published on
2018-11-06 00:00:00
Giuliana Dusi

GMDE Academy, a new opportunity for all the students of professional istitutes

GMDE, together with the Et Labora Foundation association, launches the GMDE Academy, an initiative created under the patronage of the Lombardy Region that will allow GMDE to access trained resources of certified teachers in the field of software development.


With a structured path in hours of training, hours of on-the-job training defined according to business needs and in hours of real work, the young resources will be accompanied in the world of work according to their aptitudes and their desires.


The project created with the precious collaboration of the Et Labora Foundation aims to make sure that these guys, at the end of their training, have the opportunity to find their place in the world of work, a job that does not lead exclusively to a recognition in purely financial terms but giving them the opportunity to work in a sector of market that reflects their desires and expectations, stimulating a further their growth.


GMDE and the Et Labora Foundation firmly believe that training PEOPLE, before workers, remains the right way to introduce young people into the world of work, respecting their passions and the talent that each of them has within themselves.

They also think that such a path can also bring benefits to the Italy of tomorrow, giving young people valuable future opportunities in the country where they grew up and pushing them to cultivate their passions, to increase their professionalism, to manage situations with a method, to increase their ethics and their civic sense. And why not, to increase their sense of belonging to this wonderful country that suffers because of a lot of little civil, civic and social commitment.

The path they will face therefore responds, first and foremost to the need of students to "test" the working environment facing real everyday challenges, and secondly to the needs of GMDE, always looking for highly motivated and qualified staff, and whose intent is to train new staff in order to grow and respond appropriately to the changing needs of the market.

After a first phase already concluded with the introduction of 2 resources, a second part of the project will be held, which will engage 4 resources to be introduced in the company, in different areas of competence but all gathered in the current development team. The proposal provides for a proportional relationship between hours in the company and hours of training, training that will include the study of development languages already used in GMDE. In addition to technical skills, they will have the opportunity to develop skills such as the ability to work in a team, reliability, motivation, autonomy and problem-solving.

After a period of coaching, in which they will be able to show their personal and technical attitudes, their ability to apply a method to their work and their predisposition to work in a team, they can continue their adventure in GMDE, which in the meantime will have been appreciated as the multiple customers in the Publishing and Industry sectors and recognized as a solid company made up of highly qualified and professional staff.



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