Published on
May 28, 2020
Giuliana Dusi

Decree Rilancio, credits for the publishing sector

Published on
2020-05-28 11:22:28
Giuliana Dusi

Tax credit for advertising, card purchases and digital services

The measures that on 29 April were anticipated by the Undersecretary for Publishing Andrea Martella have been concretized. The Decree Relaunch signed on Tuesday 19 May 2020 by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella and published in the Official Gazette thus enters into force. Among the main measures related to the publishing world, three are the most important: tax credit for advertising investments, for the purchase of paper for the printing of newspapers and for digital services of publishing companies. 

Tax credit for advertising investments

Tax credit of 50% of the following advertising investments made in 2020:
  • in daily newspapers and periodicals, including online, up to a total of EUR 40 million;
  • on local and national, analogue or digital broadcasters with a total ceiling of EUR 20 million.

Tax credit for purchasing paper for printing newspapers

Tax credit reserved for publishing companies equal to 8% of the expenditure incurred in the year 2019 for the purchase of paper for the printing of published publications, within a total ceiling of 24 million euro.

Tax credit for digital services

Tax credit reserved for publishing companies with at least one permanent employee equal to 30% of the expenses for digital services incurred in the year 2019, within the maximum of 8 million euro for 2020.


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