Published on
March 4, 2020
Giuliana Dusi

Enfocus PITSTOP 2020 is coming!

Published on
2020-03-04 00:00:00
Giuliana Dusi

Preceded by a grace period

Pitstop is the industry standard for PDF validation during prepress operations. Pitstop deals with preflight, editing, correction and reporting for any problem related to PDF format.

Enfocus pitstop 2020

On April 23, Enfocus will release the 2020 version of Pitstop. As of March 2, a tolerance period is in place for the update by users that uses the 2017 version who have an active maintenance contract (vice versa it will not be possible to switch to version 2020).

All new licenses purchased with or without a maintenance contract during the grace period will be able to upgrade to version 2020 without additional costs.

New features of the 2020 version

Identification of raster elements

A new action will be available to identify a shape within a rasterized element and then reconverted into a vector. The new feature ensures a huge time saving for large format printing.

Use of artificial intelligence

You can now find within a PDF graphical forms defined without the need to open the document and perform a manual search. This is thanks to artificial intelligence applied to visualization.

Other key features

  • New action: checking for abundance on a page
  • New action: search and replace text
  • Adding pages: now usable with variables
  • Added copied graphics: now usable with variables
  • Pitstop inspector: colour samples
Enfocus has also prepared a dedicated page where you can find continuous updates on the new releases. We, therefore, invite you to monitor both the Enfocus page and the GMDE website.

“PitStop Pro and PitStop Server 2020 will release with a long list of new features and improvements. The feature set offers new automation possibilities, and has new tools for working with vector graphics. Customer feedback has driven many of these advancements. The extensive list will be revealed as the release date approaches. Enfocus works tirelessly to keep PitStop in it’s position as a must-have for print service providers. Give prepress 20/20 vision with PitStop 2020.”

Andrew Bailes-Collings, Senior Product Manager, Enfocus



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