The Bellinzona Region, first realized in Digital First mode

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2020-03-13 16:16:12
Giuliana Dusi

Thanks to GN4, editorial system proposed by GMDE

With a view to improving editorial flows, La Regione di Bellinzona has shown the need to manage the information in a process in which the news is created for the website and then formatted on the printed edition in the publishing system. 

Thanks to the use of page templates, libraries and editorial rudders previously created, the production of the paper edition is more fluid. GN4 by Miles33, the editorial system proposed by GMDE, allows the editorial staff to choose the graphic setting of each page where to go to insert their articles through a web interface. 

The about 30 editors involved in the production of the newspaper articles, work on the piece directly in the back-end of the CMS, choose photos from agencies and/or their archives, and direct the finished piece to the "paper" channel. The editorial system, in addition to previewing the result on the page, has some automatisms that control the images chosen and, according to the cut set by the editor, apply the right corrections for high-quality print output. 

Digital First, without forgetting the paper

The choice to develop the most traditional paper channel is an important vehicle for the brand’s success on the territory.  The project was entirely developed by the GMDE team in collaboration with the Publisher who first believed in this solution.  The Region has been live with this solution since 8 March 2020.   

Some notes on the head 

La Regione (formerly the Region of Ticino) is an Italian-language daily newspaper in the Canton of Ticino (Switzerland). The main office is in Bellinzona, with local editorial offices in Lugano, Locarno and Chiasso. It has a circulation of over 30,000 [1]. The editor is Giacomo Salvioni, the editor is Matteo Caratti. 

It has a base of over 100,000 daily readers, which makes it one of the leading newspapers in Italian Switzerland. It has strong diffusion in Sopraceneri, being the first for readers in Bellinzonese and Locarnese. He is second in Luganese and Mendrisiotto. 

The newspaper was founded in 1992 by the merger of the Ticino newspapers Il Dovere and L'Eco di Locarno. The first edition appeared on 14 September 1992.


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