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August 8, 2018
Giuliana Dusi

Information in Editorial Era 2.0

Published on
2018-08-08 00:00:00
Giuliana Dusi

GMDE to support the publishing industry

With a necrology, we talked about the disappearance of information, in the printed version, due to a long battle with advertising along with internet competition and the advancement of the age of the readers. (cit. Repubblica)

Today, nearly ten years later, we may say that the Financial Times was perhaps a bit too pessimistic about the future of publishing, but the news on our market for years has been very disconcerting, we saw a drastic reduction in readers and margins, some headlines broke off the publications, and many print centers have closed their doors, but the scenario drawn by FT in 2009 is far from being realized.

In Italy, in particular, what did publishers do in recent years? In what ways should they think about adapting to the evolution of digital information? Many aspects have to be taken into account, ranging from the multitude of news sharing channels to the way users use the information they use.

Even in the editorials teams, something has changed

Journalists saw themselves surrounded and had to learn to live with bloggers and/or opinion leaders who became headmaster or thematic curators. Any one of us, with his smartphone on hand, can become a reporter. The ease with which a content is shared has devalued the way information is made. There is then the social phenomenon, where everyone really gets involved in the news, commenting and sharing, and ultimately compelling the author of the article to defend his own opinion.

The Italian editorial industry proceeds on its evolutionary path must proceed. New solutions and interesting products were born to facilitate this evolution given by readers'habits rather than technology. From a research carried out on readers, there have emerged aspects that each publisher should take into account, these two have a decisive weight: readers have not completely abandoned the paper version (indeed, it is increasingly used as an in-depth knowledge of the news) and they are willing to buy digital content only if they recognize the real value. (For further information: The content experience - Sketchin)

How does GMDE put it all in this?

GMDE can boast of long experience in the editorial world. There are so many headings supported by the GMDE team, so many are born with the innovative solutions offered. Even with regard to printing, important partners have achieved excellent results on quality and raw material management.

GMDE helps publishers think of new business models to understand how to leverage some of the enabling technologies offered by industry 4.0. Among these are the cognitive systems to automate, for example, all those repetitive office tasks, devoting value and creativity to new tasks, big data and analytics, thus making the fastest decision-making process, Cybersecurity, whose market Italian is worth 722 million according to Assinform 2015 and is expected to grow, and cloud computing, dedicated infrastructure to share application and data through the smart city's promotional network.

New business models that always take into account printed paper because printing is at the foundations of the editorial world. Also for printing industrial innovation and enabling technologies can be supportive. Where processing processes need optimization, waste and error minimization, here's the solution: the Internet of Things, whose ecosystem includes objects, apparatuses, sensors and applications that can transmit information on your own and on the surrounding environment.

Printed and digital paper are not two worlds of their own. A communicative bridge between them exists and needs to be exploited by creating dedicated and usable content everywhere. The use of promotions from desktop versions point to printed products or printed links that point to interactive enrichment, can be considered ways of connecting the two main publishing channels.

GMDE, present at Ediland Meeting represented by CEO Carlo Caporizzi, will give its contribution during the round table dedicated to "Opportunities and risks of digital business".



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