Published on
February 16, 2021
Giuliana Dusi

What you have to do before putting your content behind a paywall

Published on
2021-02-16 18:38:46
Giuliana Dusi

Three tips on how to implement the strategy

In the publishing world we hear more and more often about the development of business models based on readers, where public knowledge and the response to its needs can lead to success.
This is a statement that is becoming increasingly insistent, but which finds a difficult practical application. How can publishers ask their readers to buy content created according to their preferences, when until recently the same content was available for free?
The change is even more difficult for those publications whose digital revenue still comes from advertising and which have an editorial culture that has not evolved over time.
What are the things to do before putting editorial content behind a paywall? Mainly three. 

First, the publisher must involve the entire company and recognize roles that, until recently, were not fully active in the life of the newspaper. Marketing, IT, journalists must work together to improve the collaboration between the editorial and the company.

Second, to promote oneself. Explain to the readers why they must support the newspaper, communicate characteristics of the newspaper in which the readers must find themselves. Some international newspapers have put in place initiatives aimed exclusively at sustaining the newspaper, initiatives in which readers have taken part because they recognize the value of the paper.

Third, investing in digital. Today readers are familiar with digital platforms and expect a certain level of user experience. And it is not enough to publish the news of the last hour before the newspapers competitor, it serves the complete management of the reader, from signing up to subscription. A management that must take place without interruption. 
Source --> Digital News Publication

We should not forget an important aspect: the definition of the types of reader that you want to acquire.
The reader is like a customer, must be known and solicited at precise moments of his reading path. The data can come in help to define how and when to hire readers, must be the guide of every editorial strategy. The models of use of the contents must take into account for each type of reader the communication channels (paper, web, browse), the genre, the different moments in which the reader interacts with the newspaper.

So many technological solutions that can help to implement these strategies. We talked in recent months about how some publishers have used the newsletter channel to increase their audience. The newsletter communicates a message but reports data: openings (the reader recognizes the sender, the header), clicks (which are the most read news), the pages viewed on the website (once clicked on a content, the reader stays on the newspaper’s website and reads other content).

This is just an example of how to increase the value of a magazine and involve the public to the point of making it a livelihood of the newspaper itself.
GMDE deals daily with the needs of publishers on the one hand and technological developments on the other. Thanks to his many years of experience, he is able to advise on the best strategy and the tools to implement it.All this makes GMDE an ideal partner with which to face new challenges.



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