Published on
October 12, 2020
Giuliana Dusi

The Arena increases page views thanks to personalized communication

Published on
2020-10-12 18:24:42
Giuliana Dusi

Number of page views, important KPIs in the publishing industry

The Athesis Publishing Group has recently chosen to activate a new newsletter service on all three portals of the publishing group. 
L'Arena, Brescia Oggi and Il Giornale di Vicenza have added on their homepage the possibility for readers to register for the newsletter of their favourite magazine to receive the latest news published on a daily basis.

The reader is asked to insert in a form, which is presented a few seconds after the loading of the home page, only their email address to subscribe to the service.

Thanks to the technology developed by Ownpage, French software house, every reader receives a newsletter tailored on its navigation, noting its interests and proposing related news.


Site navigation and personalized content

The solution adopted by the Athesis Group consists of two elements communicating with each other. 
A technology able to interpret, also thanks to the use of cookies, the navigation of the user within the site on one hand. On the other hand, a platform that, once received this information, creates numerous newsletters with different dynamic content. 
The differentiation in fact varies with respect to the recipient of the communication.

The editorial staff must only define, within the platform, the time and frequency of sending and proceed with the definition of a template in which to indicate the graphic setting of the news reported within the communication.


First results

After three months from the begin into the production of the solution, the Athesis Group reported very interesting statistics both in terms of service registrations and opening percentages and clicks on communications sent. ​​​​​​​The reports speak of an average opening percentage of about 53% and 22% click on the content proposed. (The data relate to the reader service of L'Arena).



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