Published on
October 4, 2020
Giuliana Dusi

Encyclical "Fratelli tutti" by Pope Francis on L'Osservatore Romano thanks to the GN4 editorial system

Published on
2020-10-04 12:17:50
Giuliana Dusi

After the interruption due to the lockdown, the Vatican newspaper is back in print

Digital approach and new graphics are the aspects that will benefit readers of L'osservatore Romano from today.  But behind these novelties, there is the update of the GN4 publishing system in use at the Holy See for some time but that in its latest version offers functionality and fluidity absolutely not found in any other system on the market today, a fluidity that combined with usability and ease of integration with other systems have made it a truly omnichannel platform that has allowed the realization of this ambitious project conducted by the Dicastery for Communication of the Holy See in collaboration with GMDE and others important international players.

The update obviously involved all parts of the newspaper and will lead beyond the above to the addition of a special insert, thus increasing from 8 to 12 pages in some days of the week.  Specifically, the inserts will be "Quattropagine" on Tuesdays, "Religio" on Wednesdays, "The week of Pope Francis" on Thursdays and "Atlante" on Fridays. Thanks also to the change of format given by the new graphics, the newspaper can be printed outside the Vatican walls thus optimizing its distribution. L'Osservatore Romano is available in print only in parishes, while as for the digital format, it is available both from the L'Osservatore website and from the app in stores.



L'Osservatore Romano, some notes

The Holy See’s newspaper, in Italian, is printed six days a week, excluding Mondays. Printed in press at the Tipografia Vaticana until February 2020, it will be produced from October 2020 in digital printing at printing centres located throughout the Italian territory.
Today’s issue, 4 October is a special issue of 20 pages containing the encyclical "Fratelli tutti" by Pope Francis.
Now in its 160 years of production, with 48552 issues published, L'Osservatore Romano directed by Andrea Monda is not the only publication of the Holy See. The Dicastery of Communication also deals with two monthly, one of which is produced in Polish, and one weekly in English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese. 

GN4, the publishing system

Sixty are the collaborators who work in the publishing system and that, thanks to the realization of this project will be able to send some articles present in the printed edition, directly on the digital channels of the Holy See for a truly omnichannel communication managed punctually and with the utmost attention requested by the Holy See.
GN4, will also allow the sharing of pages on different publications, always the same publisher.  For the special edition of 4 October GMDE has also created a special flow dedicated to the recovery and use of historical texts that for the occasion will be the text of the Encyclical composed of nearly 300 thousand bars.



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