Published on
January 19, 2021
Giuliana Dusi

Il Quotidiano del Sud personalizes the digital newspaper shopping experience

Published on
2021-01-19 00:00:00
Giuliana Dusi

The brand identity of the magazine is preserved and readers can choose the subscription they want

Daily newspapers publish their editions on newsstands and on digital leaflets.  From their website, they give readers the opportunity to make the purchase of both single copies and a possible subscription. 
VirtualNewsPaper, the digital leaflet solution proposed by GMDE, provides a purchase page with a very simple layout. GMDE, thanks to its experience in supporting publishers matured in years of activity, is able to completely customize the interface of the screen through which readers proceed with the purchase.
This allows to preserve the graphic coherence between the head, the website, the digital newsstand and the subscription procedures. 
And that is precisely why Il Quotidiano del Sud decided to proceed with the activity. The newspaper’s editorial staff and GMDE technicians worked together to achieve a result that satisfied both of them. 
Today, readers of Il Quotidiano del Sud can purchase the newspaper directly from the web, through a dedicated page that replicates the graphic layout of the website of the magazine.

VirtualNewsPaper by Miles33

The solution proposed by GMDE regarding the digital version of the newspaper is VirtualNewsPaper by Miles33.
VNP allows, in addition to the distribution of digital copies, to create different types of editorial product such as, for example, bundle paper + digital.
The publisher can also generate discounts associated with local initiatives to promote the paper. VNP makes available an analytics section, in which the publisher can have a complete view on subscriber data, in terms of the type of subscription and channel of use of digital copies. 

Il Quotidiano del Sud

With the contribution of the editorial staff:
Il Quotidiano del Sud, present with its daily information for over 20 years in the territories of Calabria, Basilicata, Puglia (Murge) and Campania (Irpinia, Salerno-Cilento), in April 2019 published l'Altravoce dell'Italia, edition conceived and directed by Roberto Napoletano, former director of Il Messaggero and Il Sole24ore, and distributed in its paper version, as well as in the four regions in which the local editions are published, also in Milan, Rome, Bologna, Naples and Bari. 


With l'Altravoce dell'Italia, Il Quotidiano del Sud has been for a year and a half a newspaper of opinion and journalistic inquiries that has marked the national debate with the truth operation on the distortions of Italian public spending that led to the opening of a parliamentary committee of inquiry chaired by Carla Ruocco and which has been publicly signed by the Head of Government, by the competent Ministers, and by the main economic, statistical and accounting institutions of the Italian Republic. A series of reports and investigations have fuelled a strong debate and, in some cases, have led to the opening of high-impact judicial investigations. They covered the life of the institutions, geopolitics, the anomalies of Italian regionalism and the big state affairs, the bad bureaucracy, the world of public and private production, the media, the big and small corrupts of the two Italie, but also the many university excellence, entrepreneurial, scientific, tourist, agricultural, cultural and the powerful human capital of talented young people of a South that no one wants to see.

L'Altravoce dell'Italia tells every day the great facts of politics, economics, finance and Italian society, the great facts of the North and South of the world and the changes of Europe with the eyes of our South and the standards of Anglo-Saxon journalism made of news analysis and comparative-competitive rigor. 
A choice of identity information that wants to unite not to divide Italy. Which is that of a South never sup that claims the rights trampled upon, but knows and fulfills its duties. Who leads civil and legal battles. Who wants to give the North and South of the country its only prospect of development. That wants to give back to Italy the lost leadership in the Mediterranean and Europe the geopolitical role that it has. It does so with the contribution of economists, financial analysts, internationalists, historians, jurists, political scientists and, above all, with the know-how of well-known Italian and investigative journalists. It also offers its readers a tool of daily work, with a regulatory section that addresses the bureaucracies of local authorities and the business community, consulting and financial that wants to invest in the South. Finally, the great culture, the popular one, with the Mimì Sunday insert and a special Monday, the first newspaper entirely written by twenty years, with a Monday movie insert.

With the direction of Roberto Napoletano write permanently for l'Altravoce dell'Italia: Alberto Negri,  Fabrizio Galimberti, Patrizio Bianchi, Davide Tabarelli, Ercole Incalza, Pellegrino Capaldo, Adriano Giannola, Giuliano Cazzola, Paolo Pombeni, Michele Marchi, Antonio Nicaso, Stefano Silvestri, Anna Maria Capparelli, Marco Mele, Nino Sunseri, Pietro Busetta, Lorenzo Robustelli, Remo Bresciani, Piero Mei;  inchiestisti e notisti politici  come Franco Viviano, Paolo Guzzanti, Fabrizio Rizzi, Claudio Marincola, Simone Di Meo, Antonio Anastasi, Vincenzo Damiani, Giuseppe Alberto Falci; giuristi come Cesare Mirabelli e Giuseppe Tesauro; il vignettista Riccardo Marassi e le grandi firme della cultura e della religione come Pietrangelo Buttafuoco, Vittorio Sgarbi, Raffaele La Capria, Bruno Forte, Giovanna Stanzione, Biagio De Giovanni, Federico Moccia, Maria Pia Ammirati.



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