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2023-06-22 00:00:00
Giuliana Dusi

GMDE, a Naviga Inc. partner, overlook the implementation of the solution

Corriere dell'Umbria is an Italian regional newspaper that provides news and information about the region of Umbria. Founded in 1945, Corriere dell'Umbria has a long history in local information and covers a wide range of topics, including politics, economics, culture, sports and more.
It is a newspaper that is part of the Corriere Group, which also includes the newspapers: Corriere di Siena, Corriere di Arezzo and Corriere di Maremma.


The newspaper offers up-to-date news about Umbria, including events, political developments, cultural and sports initiatives, as well as in-depth articles on topics of regional interest. It is an important source for the people of Umbria and anyone interested in following news and events in the region.
Corriere dell'Umbria is available in both print and online formats, providing users with several options for accessing the news.


Virtual News Paper VNP, the solution for digital publishing


As of today, the newspaper comes out in digital format on the newest version of Virtual NewsPaper VNP, the solution developed by Naviga, proposed and implemented at the client's site by GMDE together with Naviga's technical team.


Virtual News Paper (VNP) is a virtual journalism platform that aims to transform the newspaper reading experience by making it interactive, engaging and accessible through all digital devices.


VNP harnesses the potential of digital technologies to offer a virtual version of printed newspapers. Users can flip through pages, read articles, look at images and videos, access multimedia content, and interact with the newspaper in innovative ways. The platform also offers advanced search capabilities, allowing users to easily find topics of interest to them.


One of VNP's main goals is to replicate the reading experience of a physical newspaper while integrating them with the many advantages of digital technologies.This means that users can enjoy the convenience of accessing the newspaper through devices such as computers, tablets or smartphones, allowing them to read the news whenever and wherever they want with just one click. Everything is interconnected to provide a powerful and absolutely "friendly" experience at the same time.


Specificity of Gruppo Corriere


Three titles are available in the digital newsstand: Corriere dell'Umbria, Corriere di Arezzo, and Corriere di Siena.  The main newspaper is Corriere dell'Umbria, which averages 48/56 pages; the other newspapers average 32 pages.

With the implementation of the new platform, replacing one offered by another vendor, the way in which editions are used was also revised from dedicated publications to an application capable of publishing all editions in a single digital newsstand.

Thus, the end user can now enjoy the daily edition of his or her favourite newspaper in the web version of the leafleter.
Subscriptions are managed centrally by the platform and allow, despite the fact that the management is unique for all titles, to offer Corriere Group readers the products separately or as a bundle.These are just some of the features available with Virtual News Paper VPN, which turns out to be the most comprehensive digital publishing solution on the national and international scene today.



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