New technologies for the editorial staff of L'Espresso

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2022-10-02 00:00:00

Change made possible thanks to BFC Media

Big changes in the house of L’Espresso, major changes at the level of the magazine's production but which will not affect the image of the publication toward its readers.

The increase in pagination, one of these changes, will not affect the investigations, which are and will always remain the beating heart of the magazine.

History of the magazine

The weekly magazine, founded in 1955 by Arrigo Benedetti and Eugenio Scalfari, which still covers topics related to both Italian and international politics, culture and economics, can be purchased on newsstands in conjunction with La Repubblica.
As of July 2022, L'Espresso joins BFC Media, an independent publishing house specializing in personal business information on financial products, along with titles such as Forbes and Bluerating.

With the move to BFC Media, it has been possible for the editorial staff to further improve all the parts dedicated to content production and to choose among the many solutions on the market those best suited to meet real needs.

GMDE, with its experience on the publishers' side, proposed to L'Espresso the solutions of WoodWing and Dataplan, to date the most innovative and performing as far as periodical publishing is concerned.

The role of GMDE, WoodWing and Dataplan


Studio, the publishing system

Thanks to WoodWing Studio, the editorial system in adoption at the journal, it is possible to create content in neutral mode, without it being bound to the output channel (print or digital), optimizing its publication on all channels.
The possibilities for graphic designers to have all the graphic freedom given by Adobe Indesign and for editors to work on the page using the most common browsers make it a high-performance system capable of meeting the needs of the most modern newsrooms.

Assets, the DAM

Along with the Studio editorial system, WoodWing offers Assets, the fully integrated DAM (Digital Asset Management). Thanks to its features, it is possible to organize all digital assets useful for the production of the journal, whether images and/or videos and to improve research activities in a digital archive capable of housing the material of years of publications. In addition, thanks to the metadata and processing history associated with each Asset, the photography department can optimize production costs by requesting high resolutions of only the images paginated in the newspaper.

Magazine Designer and Advert Manager, the editorial and advertising helm.

An extension of any editorial system for advertising planning, the editorial helm plays a key role in publication planning.
The solution chosen by L'espresso is an extraordinary tool, complete with every feature useful to every publishing reality and available via browser.
Developed by Dataplan, it is a constantly evolving solution thanks in part to the partnership with GMDE, which aims to customize the installations as much as possible with respect to the real needs of clients.
The Advert Manager, the module dedicated to advertising, allows to create the list of advertisements and to bring on-page in the editorial system the advertising material to have a complete view on the whole publication. Translated with (free version).




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