Published on
March 30, 2021
Giuliana Dusi

The bought note by editorial system, optimization of flows for La Provincia di Cremona e Crema

Published on
March 30, 2021
Giuliana Dusi

Solution fully developed by GMDE

The project

Borderò: s. m. [adaptam. of fr. bordereau bordró , dim. of bord prob. because the accounts were made on the margin]. - List, note, separate, sometimes with relative accounts (of payments, receipts, etc.). In the newspapers, the list of monthly sums allocated as compensation for various collaborations. - Treccani

For some years is in use at La Provincia di Cremona e Crema a borderò system completely developed by GMDE staff. The system makes it possible to make administrative processes more efficient and quickly manage all the reporting related to the approximately 40 contributors of the newspaper.

Personal data and price lists

The main feature on which the application is based is the recognition of the article present in the edition of the day through a system of identification of the author, that can be done both with the verification of the assignment of the piece to the collaborator by the editorial staff and by the result of the search for the signature, or the acronyms, of the collaborator himself within the text.
At the same time, they create the personal data, in which the name, initials, acronyms and pseudonyms of the employee are indicated, complete with the economic lists useful to speed up the income statement.
The counts can be made by piece published, in strokes, or it is possible to associate a lump sum on page, in case there are articles by a single contributor.

The role of the administration

The borderò is a system strongly integrated with the editorial system (n.d.GMDE: GN4 by Miles33 is the system used by the editorial staff). Administrative staff access the system with features dedicated to their role. 

For them, in fact, a simplified access has been created that allows daily to examine the edition of the previous day, extract the counts on the articles actually published, correct any asynchronousness, export a summary in excel (summary or in detail depending on the type of export) and save data for monthly billing.

Thanks to the borderò developed by GMDE, 85% of the administrative control work is carried out automatically by the editorial system.

Extra features

There are also two extra features to cover additional administrative needs: the possibility of adding extra expenses incurred by employees (especially in the case of travel expenses incurred by staff and if provided for in the collaboration contract) and the generation of statistics useful to the newspaper to evaluate the workload of the collaborators also with respect to the sections of the newspaper.

Development and assistance by GMDE

The collaboration between GMDE and La Provincia di Cremona e Crema has been going on for a long time. Many were the innovative requests made by the newspaper to which GMDE was able to respond.
One of these was the development of the borderò, a solution able to act as a bridge between the editorial system, used purely by the editors, and the management systems of the company. GMDE analyzed the administrative needs and proposed a customized solution that still allows an optimal economic management of the newspaper.





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