Ediland meeting 2023

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2023-06-15 00:00:00
Giuliana Dusi

Challenges and trends for publishing, what we take home.

Publishing industry trends in Italy and the world

The annual event dedicated to publishers and printers in the newspaper world opens with an introduction devoted to the worldwide performance of the industry. Data related to digital (digital users, devices in use) and sharing platforms that see Facebook and Youtube in the first place. Information on the choices made by major international publishers, choices involving the use of new content-sharing applications (podcasts are gaining ground) or providing readers with new services (events, promos).


New publishing products and the topic of artificial intelligence applied to texts

How do publishers and newsrooms act with respect to the new technologies available? Quotidiano Nazionale and Il Sole 24 Ore talked about it, bringing examples of applications in the production of texts from already available data and information. But FNSI and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers also talked about it, going on to touch on related topics such as information security, ethical use of artificial intelligence, and copyright.


Digital tools for publishing

Roundtable discussion with some of the leading technology providers in the field of Content Management Systems on the Italian and international markets. The trend leads technology to find solutions and features that can make journalists and editors even more autonomous in the production and layout of content. Pagination because, despite digital publishing on websites and browsers, the paginated and printed newspaper, the famous PAPER, is still the core product of publishing.

SEO, tagging, and metadata are pluses that platforms cannot ignore. But making these processes automated through artificial intelligence can empower publishers to leverage time and resources to deliver additional editorial products to their reader communities.


Cost trends and philosophies of suppliers of raw materials, printing equipment, distribution

Focus on suppliers of solutions and raw materials to printing centres.

Cost trends of raw materials such as:

  • Printing plates: increasing production costs as they relate to raw materials, format customization, and low production volumes;
  • Paper: despite a 60-65% volume of newspaper paper production, paper mills have decided to switch to packaging paper production, thus leading market demand to exceed product supply;
  • Distribution: introduction of PickUp and DropOff services to amortize distribution costs and optimization of newspaper deliveries to newsstands and outlets. Amazon is detected as a conductor of users at newsstands by succeeding in conveying the sale of publishing products.



  • Eric Singer, L'est r├Ępublican: complete automation in printing centres thanks to Nela and the "Just in time concept," which allows printing plates to be directly in the press, reducing delivery times and the problems associated with manual plate handling.
  • Roberto Tosi, New Newsstand Vending: a completely new way of selling the newspaper is born. Thanks to vending machines, classified as machinery under Industry 4.0, newsstands can resell editorial products in kiosks distributed throughout the territory (up to 30 newspapers with a capacity of 14 copies per head). In addition to newspapers, distributors can resell other products such as collectables and gadgets. Payment can be made by cash, rechargeable cards, and credit cards.


GMDE event sponsor

Ediland meeting and GMDE continue their journey together. As a provider of technologies and solutions for the entire newspaper production chain, and after the Milan Polytechnic's intervention in the search for ever more advanced solutions in the way of multichannel publishing, GMDE has chosen this year to bring real-life testimonials of how the proposed solutions have changed the way production is carried out both in print centers and in newsrooms. Mr. Singer's talk on the introduction of NELA systems is one of them, while news in the field of content production and its publication on digital channels will be published in the coming days on our Stay tuned!



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