Complete automation of the prepress department

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2021-02-25 00:00:00

Thanks to the solutions proposed by NELA, partner of GMDE

The optimization of processes and procedures is affecting every industrial sector.  Today we are looking for solutions that are able to reduce the manual work of operators and to provide control tools on every stage of the production process.In the press centers, the production of printed products starts right from the prepress room. In most printing centres, the passage of plates from the CTP to the press is managed by operators, but there are some companies where automation solutions are already present.


NELA, a well-known specialist in the production of register punching machines and high precision bending systems and automation solutions for prepress, offers customized systems for the transport and organization of slabs from the prepress room to the press.

The solutions proposed by Nela, partner of GMDE,  are useful in both newspaper printing and commercial printing.

A recent successful project by NELA concerns Precision Colour Printing, English press centre, which has chosen to automate the processing of the plates for the press room where 4 presses are installed (PCP, MAN Rotoman, Komori S38, Heidelberg SM102). Once folded and punched, the plates are ordered to be transported by trolley to the press of destination.
Throughout the prepress process, your work information is displayed using Nela’s Sorterview software. The information is linked to the printing order management system and is associated with a barcode system that ensures the correct sorting of the plates.
Sorterview helps to simplify the communication between planning and printing works. Since its installation, Precision Colour Printing has been able to produce slabs in 4 different formats in a short time.

"The automated investment of punching and bending Nela has brought significant benefits to all production efficiencies, such as: plate output times, improved register accuracy, reduction of material set-up waste, reduction of automatic failures, increase of printing times, improvement of workflow. The system has been installed without any problems and the routine maintenance ensures that the reliability and precision consistency is maintained. The value added, obtained day after day by this investment extends well beyond the reduction of the operator’s contact points.  "How we could live without" became our daily leimotiv."(A.Walker - Operations Director, PCP). 

Source: Precision Colour Printing - new Platehandling Installation



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