LITOSUD completely upgrades its EAE systems

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2021-03-11 00:00:00

GMDE is an Italian partner of EAE and a reference point for LITOSUD

EAE PrintPP, the solution at the heart of the project 

Litosud has recently chosen to upgrade the entire suite of EAE (Engineering Automation Electronics) solutions for the management of the presses in its printing centres in Pessano and Rome with a total revamping of the systems that now allow you to manage all the presses as a single system. This makes it easier and safer to move the editions and the foliations, as well as the passage of a head from one press to another. In addition, the upgrade of all components and especially the EAE PrintPP system, which is the real heart of the system, allows you to bring the presses to a higher level of production management and efficiency. Among the main features include: 

  • Intelligent and highly productive production planning

  • Minimisation of start-up waste

  • Management of newspaper printing and daily printing through a single system

  • Minimize setup and downtime


EAE PrintPP is the ideal solution for printing centres that want to automate and streamline their production processes, but for which Print, another solution proposed by EAE, would be too complex. EAE PrintPP takes on two aspects of newspaper production: printing machine presetting and production planning.

QIPC - EAE was founded in 2014 following the acquisition of EAE by Q.I. Press Controls. Q.I. Press Controls, the world’s leading provider of high-quality, innovative optical measurement and control systems, has joined forces with EAE, a leading provider of software and control and automation solutions for the printing industry.

With the support of a worldwide service network, the joint-venture QIPC - EAE offers the graphic arts industry global solutions for web offset printing. From prepress to shipment, QIPC - EAE provides solutions that not only ensure production reliability but improve plant performance.

The benefits of the upgrade

Thanks to the installation of EAE systems, Litosud will be able to manage even more efficiently both the production of the newspaper and the presses themselves. The starting speed will be increased and the starting waste and machine downtime due to the turnaround of the newspapers will be further reduced. All this translates into a great saving of materials and resources that will allow Litosud a return on investment in a short time while guaranteeing at the same time strong stability and continuity of service from recently updated systems. We also remind you that this type of intervention is fully part of the investment plans Industry 4.0.


Litosud, press centres in Pessano and Rome

Litosud Srl is an industrial printing company, owned by the Farina family, which has been operating in the publishing sector for over 50 years. The company is present both in Rome and in Pessano con Bornago (MI), with two factories owned, for a total of 38,000 square meters in the service of publishing. The main newspapers printed at the Litosud press centres are: La Stampa, Repubblica, La Verità, Italia Oggi, Milano Finanza, Libero, Il Fatto Quotidiano, il Tempo, Il Romanista and many more.

Inside the printing centres, there are 8 Goss Universal, 5 Goss Uniliner and 1 KBA Colora. In the prepress room, plate handling solutions are those proposed by NELA.

Once again GMDE, the only retailer of EAE products in Italy, has been able to bring added value to the project by acting as a link between the needs of Litosud and the solutions proposed by EAE.

--> Click here to download the EAE Print system brochure.



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