Published on
January 12, 2021
Giuliana Dusi

CSQ continues the technological evolution of its printing process

Published on
2021-01-12 12:43:39
Giuliana Dusi

More efficiency and quality for customers

Following the strategy started a few years ago, CSQ Centro Stampa Quotidiani continued in 2020, and also in this new year, the policy of renewal of its plants in order to ensure more and more efficiency and quality to its customers.


As part of this program, during 2020 was replaced an old line, consisting of Polaris XCV and 2B multi-format folding machine, with a more powerful including an AdvantageN TR HS and NELA Vcp900 multi-format. Both are able to ensure productivity significantly higher than the previous units in use by several years.
In early 2021, the refurbishment of the prepress room will be completed with an additional AdvantageN TR HS and a multi-format Nela Vcp900 to replace another line consisting of a Polaris and a 2B. All this to complete an absolutely flexible plant and among the first in Europe for quality and productivity guaranteed to customers.


The evolution of the printing market and the distribution of newspapers, together with the pandemic in progress, have decisively changed the production needs in the world: we have gradually moved to a smaller quantity of printed copies with a consequent and increasing need to produce more publications to optimize the operating costs of the same printing centres.

Hence the need for increasingly high-performance, reliable and automated prepress systems that GMDE, thanks to the partnerships with Agfa & Nela, guarantees for a long time to its customers.

The GMDE proposal includes the design and implementation of innovative lines of production, thanks to the supply of CTP and Bending Machines, both capable of reaching 400 plates/hour, but also and above all a service H24 unique in Italy and Europe on all installed systems.


About CSQ 

The CSQ Centro Stampa Quotidiani, located in Erbusco (BS), supports a wide variety of publishers, printing publishing products in both offset and digital. The production of several tens of millions of copies annually, distributed mainly in central-northern Italy, is achieved thanks to four offset lines and a digital one, at work for two shifts, seven days a week.
In the coming months, the fleet of offset machines will be further expanded with the production of a Goss Universal 75 press capable of printing up to 80 colour pages in 31,5 x 44 cm, to complete a production capacity of the highest level in Italy and Europe.

In addition, over the years CSQ has increased the automation of processes by making maximum use of existing technologies with production costs among the lowest in the industry. Publishers can print at competitive prices and always get the highest print quality.



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