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2020-07-24 00:00:00
Giuliana Dusi

To optimize print and prepress processes

For more than twenty years GMDE has been present in the major Italian printing centers as a supplier of technologies that can optimize processes and reduce costs. From the prepress room, with fully automated plate management, through to production closure, every processing step is supported by products from prestigious partners such as AGFA, NELA, Q.I. Press Controls, EAE, just to name a few.

Close and continuous collaboration with the world’s leading producers of printing and prepress solutions has allowed GMDE to grow and to expand its proposal, initially aimed at daily printing centres, also to commercial printers.

Recently, a new partnership, the one with GBZ Print Services, allows supplying the printing centres of all those elements present in the printing machines subject to wear, such as the kites for the replacement of the coils or the nozzles of the washing pumps.

Inside the prepress room, courtesy of Centro Stampa Quotidiani CSQ.

GMDE is not only providing solutions and technologies, it is a guarantee of multi-brand assistance. In this last period, due to the emergency that hit the entire Italian production sector hard, many printers have guaranteed continuity to their work and with them GMDE. Thanks to expertise in workflows, Ctps, developers and complex solutions integrated between various manufacturers such as Agfa Graphics and Fujifilm, Cron, BasysPrint and ThermoflexX, NELA, GMDE has been at the side of the major Italian printers providing assistance and in some cases bringing innovation, especially to those printers who have grasped this period as an opportunity to renew their production lines.

Q.I. Press Controls, leader in the supply of cameras for the regulation of inking and colour directly in the printing phase.  EAE, a world leader in the supply of control consoles and automation solutions for printing presses.  NELA, a leader in the supply of solutions for bending, punching, handling and sorting of printing plates.  GBZ Print Services, manufacturer of spare parts for presses and machines for packaging and binding.  These are some of the GMDE partners and their proposals for the print market.

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