Published on
November 5, 2020
Giuliana Dusi

GMDE enters the flexo world

Published on
2020-11-05 17:28:48
Giuliana Dusi

The proposed solutions range from CTP for narrow web printers to flexible packaging and service flexo printers.

With thirty years of experience as a reference provider of solutions and services in all the press centers of newspapers in Italy, GMDE has now decided to propose itself as a player in the world of flexographic printing and It does as always with a range of solutions to 360° that allow its customers to make that technological leap and services that was still missing in this sector. The proposed solutions range from CTP for narrow web printers to flexible packaging and service flexo printers.

Thanks to the strategic partnerships stipulated and the training acquired in preparation for this important step, the solutions offered are able to cover all the prepress processes, from the reception of the print files and their complete management, workflow, rips, CTPs of different formats and speeds. In addition to the above, there is a wide choice of processors also of the latest generation decidedly innovative and absolutely environmentally friendly, thanks to the ability to work on a water-based polymer instead of the classic solvent base now being overcome also because of the strong environmental impact that results from its use in prepress and printing rooms.

In order to demonstrate the entire pre-press production chain and to touch the quality of the proposed solutions and their incredible low environmental impact, a fully equipped demo room is being completed at the new GMDE headquarters in Agrate Brianza (MB). This is where it will be possible not only to verify the above mentioned solutions, but also to discuss with the experts in the sector and to produce their own examples to be tested on the printing machines, once they are back in place.

In the face of a strategic and strongly desired decision, the demonstration and therefore the production of test samples, as anticipated, will take place using only highly ecological and environmentally friendly materials, then water-based.

GMDE has invested heavily in the preparation of this new challenge which it believes will bring development, innovation and a new approach to the entire industry, in respect of its history that sees it as a leader in its areas of expertise thanks to an approach that has always been innovative but practical at the same time.

Innovation that is now also supported by new government initiatives in the field of support to companies with various funding and notices to help the technological evolution of Italian companies. Thanks to the participation in the program of MISE - Ministry of Economic Development - with 10 qualified Innovation managers, GMDE is able to certify projects that push technological development in the company and therefore, are eligible for tenders from regions, government and the European community. Soon will be formalized the opening date of the demo room and the planning of the first visits.

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