Ecological solutions for the Flexo world

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2020-12-14 00:00:00

Water-based plates to respect the natural environment

The world of packaging and labelling is increasingly moving towards the choice of ecological materials to offer to their customers, this is because the desire to create a sustainable future for both the planet and for future generations has never been so strong as now. 
Both the market-leading suppliers and big GDO brands are taking the problem to heart. How? The first, introducing new and environmentally friendly solutions; the second choosing eco-friendly labels and green packaging.

Solvent-free plates for flexo print

Why do not printers, who find themselves acting as a link in this eco-chain, think of bringing this type of approach also in the processing of raw materials useful for printing? The proposal of GMDE is precisely to provide supports and machinery respectful of the environment. 
The photo polymeric plates machinable in CTP and in plates processors proposed by GMDE are water-based, able to combine to a production process, performance and ecology. 
The plates are solvent-free and can be developed with simple mains water, thus reducing all the costs of consumption and disposal of materials useful for development.

A real green revolution

It is a real revolution that will allow all small printers to produce within their offices all the plates they need during printing and embrace the green philosophy. 
Further benefits deriving from the use of this type of plate, are the speed of engraving, which is close to the hour with a significant saving in energy costs, and the high quality given by the flat-point technology, that allows reaching quality standards similar to offset printing and rotogravure.

The tests carried out so far have guaranteed quality and safety, the water-based solutions are highly successful thanks to the green features.



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