Published on
March 10, 2020

Digital Resource Lifecycle with DAM

Published on
2020-03-10 12:49:07

How to easily control resources

We talk a lot about content nowadays, how they are the basis of a good storytelling to increase their Brand Reputation. We are all daily flooded with video content, images, texts.On the other hand, managing this amount of resources, starting from dissemination to storage can make it difficult to maintain high content consistency and lower time-to-market.

There are not few companies to find themselves in situations where productivity is slowed by a resource management not really performing. The increase in communication channels, digital formats and speed of sharing are putting a strain on the communication work of companies. There is a need, precisely for those who are experiencing these difficulties, to rethink and reshape the strategy of management of digital corporate assets.

The potential of a DAM is fully exploited only when the life cycle of managed content completes business processes. A life cycle of four main phases: creation, management (understood as the transfer of the resource in an approval process), sharing (on publishing channels and between staff involved) and archiving.

How can a DAM help improve this life cycle?

Very often it happens that the search of a given resource occupies more time than any processing carried out on the same resource. In the DAM, resources are organized into folders and/or collected and information is entered through the addition and use of metadata. Important in the life cycle of a resource is for example the metadata related to rights of use.Another very useful feature made available to the DAM is the ability to save countless versions for each resource, thus creating a story that reports not only the changes that have been made to the resource but also who made them and when.

Metadata, user-defined permissions, and asset versioning are aspects of DAM that help set performance processes on resource lifecycles. This translates into cost reductions on at least three fronts: technological, legal and human.



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