Published on
December 17, 2020
Giuliana Dusi

Stile Italia Edizioni chooses WoodWing Studio and Journal Suite by Dataplan

Published on
2020-12-17 11:50:15
Giuliana Dusi

The titles acquired by La Verità come out on newsstands thanks to the use of GMDE solutions.

The first issue of the weekly magazine Confidenze by Stile Italia Edizioni has recently been closed, in advance of the implementation of the two solutions proposed by GMDE, Woodwing Studio publishing system and Journal Suite Dataplan including the portal advertising collection.
Both systems are installed at the GMDE server farm. Subsequently, the monthly magazine Starbene, closed on November 9, and Tustyle, the group’s fortnightly magazine, went into production with the new systems.

After these first 3 newspapers, the project will proceed with the implementation of the solutions for the cooking's magazines (Sale e Pepe, Cucina Moderna) and finally with the weekly newspaper Panorama. At the moment the publications are produced only for the paper channel, once in regime it will be possible to proceed with the eventual publication towards other channels.


Stile Italia Edizioni, who is

Born from the agreement between Mondadori and La Verità, Stile Italia acquired in January 2020 the weekly newspapers Confidenze and Tustyle and the monthly Cucina Moderna, Sale&pepe and Starbene. The titles were preceded by Panorama, the historical weekly magazine of Mondadori.

La Verità, a publishing house founded in 2016, aims to expand the package of proposals for readers, focusing on issues such as food and health.

The operation "aims to grow what is now a group", said Maurizio Belpietro at Primaonline. "In fact, alongside La Verità and Panorama, we add publications that allow us to reach dimensions of a certain importance in interesting and growing sectors and segments, entering the market with a certain critical mass".


WoodWing Studio

Woodwing Studio, the editorial system is based on Adobe Indesign, allows graphics to maintain all the graphical freedom given by the application and editors to intervene on texts directly from a web interface. The publishing system allows, in addition to the more traditional paper production, the publication on the largest Cmss available on the market, for greater control over contents and a reduction in publication time.

It is a solution that can fully support multichannel, the publication of content both on paper and on the web. The atomic content management also allows you to use some of the content for cross publications between different brands, such as sharing a recipe on both a lifestyle magazine and one related to food.


Journal Suite di Dataplan

Dataplan, software house focused on the development of management solutions for editorial and advertising management interfaced with the most popular publishing systems existing in the way of magazines, proposes a system of planning and production for publishers, integrable with the major publishing systems on the market and with the portals for the acquisition of advertising materials.

A natural extension of any publishing system for advertising planning, the solution is particularly rich in functionality, going to manage every peculiarity specific to the world of publishing and packaging. This extraordinary tool, complete for every publishing company and the result of the long-term investment of the Dataplan R&D team, is proposed by GMDE in the solutions integrated to its customers for a better control of production management and for the automated management of the advertising and editorial dimensions.



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