Smart working encourages editors to adopt new technologies for content sharing.

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2020-03-26 09:52:50

Edizioni AF implements Elvis DAM

In the current situation, where editors are facing the emergency of Covid-19, the adoption of new technologies useful for the correct sharing of content is an inevitable update to improve the new workflows generated by smart working.

Precisely for this reason, Edizioni AF has decided to equip the editorial staff with a digital archive (DAM), integrated with the editorial system, that the newsroom is already using both for the creation of paper magazines and for the updating of related websites.

Thanks to the integration with the DAM solution, in fact, the editors will be able to organize all the images in folders and collections, so as to differentiate the images chosen between the countless shots made to the products to be destined to the layout and those to be kept in the archive for any future services and make them available to graphic editors for processing.

In addition to the daily use, the publisher can then consider using the digital archive to better organize the historic archive of publications.

With the publishing system and digital archive, accessible via the web, the barriers linked to "physical" editing are definitively broken. All the people involved in the creation of the publications can now work in their most congenial place, sharing all the contents as done until now.

Edizioni AF

Edizioni AF was born in 2017 from the union of Ars Arpel Group, publisher of magazines Arsutoria and Arpel, as well as an organizer of the courses of Arsutoria School, and FotoShoe Group, publisher and advertising agency of the most important trade fairs of footwear. Thanks to this union it has become the reference publishing house for the leather goods sector.

AF editions publishes magazines, books and websites and arranges courses and seminars for the entire supply chain of the leather industry through the brands: Arsutoria, Photo shoe 30, AF. Mag, Arpel, Ars Tannery, Safety, Child, Arstrends, IFG.


The solutions used by the publisher are Enterprise, the publishing system that allows the simultaneous management of paper and digital publications, and Elvis DAM, the digital archive natively integrated with the publishing system.




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