Published on
March 30, 2020
Giuliana Dusi

GMDE is there, always at your side

Published on
2020-03-30 11:31:05
Giuliana Dusi

In smart working mode but always in action!

This is no time to give up and forget our jobs. Instead, we must use it to grow, to think about innovation and to prepare for the future.

We are not yet sure what it will be like, there are too many unknowns at the moment that do not give us the opportunity to plan all our activities in the best possible way.

But GMDE is there. It never stopped

He’s here for all those clients, publishers and printers, who are working to keep all the people who want to stay informed about what’s going on.

He is here for those who want to bring innovation to the company, and he knows that this is the best time to know and deepen.

We have always used all the technologies that allow us to stay in touch despite the distance, to meet.

GMDE, thanks to its experience, has much to talk about, much to show, and is at your disposal to help you understand how the proposed solutions can support the work of editors and marketing offices that are collaborating remotely, but that today do not always benefit from the technology and solutions to be able to do it to the best of their abilities.

The smart working, certainly from this moment on, will change our way of working and living even after this terrible situation will be behind us, why not take advantage now of the time available, to try to understand how the companies that had already adopted our solutions, today can continue to make enterprise despite the limits to the movements of people of the different DPCM that have followed in this week'.

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GMDE contest the solution!

In the image there are:
- Alessandro B, systems support
- Daniel T, support for daily systems
- Dario M, sales manager for publishing systems
- Davide M, commercial pre-press technician
- Davide M, Administrative Director
- Massimiliano M, pre-printed team leader
- Matteo C, junior developer
- Mauro T, CTO
- Roberta C, team leader application
- Carlo C, CEO
- Stefano C, daily prepress technician
- Saverio M, operation and HR
- Giuliana D, marketing


The customers with whom GMDE works daily are more than 100 and... they are all satisfied

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