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February 4, 2021

Wrike arrives at GMDE!

Published on
2021-02-04 00:00:00

Expands the package of solutions for customers

"The best player wins the game, but the team wins the championship" - Michael Jordan. This phrase, according to Wrike VP Aharon Weiner, is the one that best represents Wrike, as a platform to collaborate and achieve the goals together. 


Wrike, the Project Management of the moment
Companies differ from each other not only in the type of product or service they offer, but also in how they organize workloads and resources. In recent months there have been changes in work organization, for example with a revaluation of remote and smart working.
Wrike is the platform that allows you to achieve productivity and collaboration regardless of how you work. With Wrike, and integrations with Adobe’s MS Office and Creative Cloud, companies can coordinate tasks, optimize time and engage all teams.


Benefits and benefits of use  

Customization: dashboards and workflows can be created according to the specific needs of the company that chooses to adopt Wrike. 


Sharing: real-time notifications, live changes, dynamic reports and more enable more effective corporate communication. 


Management: faster productivity and greater transparency on all activities are possible thanks to intelligent project planning and monitoring. 

Security: Wrike is committed to making its platform the most secure and reliable on the market by protecting personal and business data in the cloud and ensuring secure collaboration. 



Why Wrike 
As GMDE we chose to start this partnership with Wrike to add a further product to the package of solutions dedicated to small and medium-sized Italian companies. A plus of Wrike, in addition to being a Project Management platform, is the high level of integration with other solutions commonly used within companies.

GMDE is able to integrate Wrike with the major applications of the Microsoft and Adobe suites and with other content management solutions, currently proposed to publishers and companies.



The customers with whom GMDE works daily are more than 100 and... they are all satisfied

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