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April 6, 2021
Giuliana Dusi

Collaboration to achieve success

Published on
2021-04-06 23:04:49
Giuliana Dusi

The CEO and key figures of the company

“The best player wins the game, but the team wins the championship”  

Michael Jordan 


This quote that gives a clear idea of how a company must be thought if it wants to achieve success.
Not individuals with their goals, but a team in which each person contributes towards the common goal. 

So we think of companies as a team and we look at the leading figures.

First of all the CEO (Chief Executive Officer), the CEO whose responsibilities range from decisions on financial statements to the supervision of the people who make up the company; from guiding culture and changes in the business to identifying the risks that could compromise it.

As in the best teams, however, the CEO must be able to lean on his teammates.

What are these key figures that are found in all companies?


COO, CFO, CIO, CMO, all for one 

Each of them, with their responsibilities and their criticisms, contributes to the success of the company.

The right collaborative tool can be the key to bringing productivity to a higher level, both for improving business processes and for reducing company costs.

Let’s see them one by one with their responsibilities and how a project management tool can respond to their every need.


COO Chief Operating Officer 

Among the main responsibilities we can find guiding the main initiatives of change and transformation, shaping the business strategy and the future of the business and ensuring an adequate operational management optimizing all production processes. These are just some of the daily activities of a COO that are mainly based on communication between the various departments of the company.


CFO Chief Finance Officer

Managing financial forecasting processes by mitigating the risks that the company could face and maximising cost effectiveness is not always easy if you do not have useful data to implement the right financial transactions. Without underestimating the cost of employees compared to the company’s earnings.

CIO Chief Information Officer

As never before in these years technology evolves at an incredible speed. New and increasingly innovative technologies have been presented to the market. Corporate Cios have often found themselves in the unpleasant situation of having to choose between innovation and safety, because safety remember must always be at the top of the business priorities.


CMO Chief Marketing Officer

The CMO, the voice and the image of the company, which must collaborate with the various production managers to know everything about the products that will be launched, with the development teams to meet the needs of the market, with sales to know if they are responding customers. Without forgetting the mapping of touch-points of contact with customers and website and social analytics.


Collaborating leads to success 

Companies differ from each other not only in the type of product or service they offer, but also in how they organize workloads and resources.

A platform that can achieve productivity and collaboration regardless of how you work and that connects the key figures we’ve seen can really make a difference.

A collaborative project management tool can:

  • In the area of Operation: increase operational efficiency, improve employee productivity leading to a reduction in time-to-market, align individual activities to the overall strategy of the company. Finally, optimize resources by improving organizational performance and providing reliable data with relevant reports on the company’s workforce.

  • In the area of Finance: increase the revenue given by the launch of new products/services in new markets (linking an increase in productivity from 20 to 55% with the development of completed projects 1.5-2 times faster) and mitigate the risk of execution of work closely related to the cost of inaction (just think of the time that each user spends responding to a simple email).

  • In the field of Information Technology: operational effectiveness and Digital Transformation obtained thanks to the integration between a centralized platform and all the technologies already present in the company but only completely disconnected from each other, together with a high degree of security that keeps systems, connections, applications and utilities under control.

  • In the field of Marketing: optimize and automate all those activities that take time to strategy and creativity, keep track of every data related to marketing campaigns to be able to take advantage of time and budgets dedicated, integrate with systems such as ERP and CRM where the useful information on products and on the market reside. Last but not least, measure the ROI of every investment made on marketing activities.


GMDE partner of Wrike

Not only content lives the companies, but also and above all the work of the people who make the company itself.For this reason GMDE has decided to enter into a partnership with Wrike, the project management tool of the moment, able to support the key figures of the company, figures whose change can influence the Digital Transformation.

Would you like to learn more about how Wrike can meet your needs? We are here for you, tell us your needs and we will advise you on the best strategy.



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