Published on
March 9, 2021
Giuliana Dusi

What is the ETIM standard used in the construction industry?

Published on
2021-03-09 18:08:43
Giuliana Dusi

More on PIM - ETIM integration

The ETIM (European Technical Information Model) classification standard, which mainly covers the construction and installation sector, is a uniform product data model that uses common product classes, characteristics and values to make the sharing of information on industry-specific communication channels homogeneous.

Why use this standard?

Simply to avoid misunderstandings about product information. The standard is in fact used by installers, manufacturers and retailers, each according to its role within the life cycle per product, to collaborate at best.

Producers may adjust the structure of their data so that they can be exported and shared in a common format, that ETIM exactly, where every information finds its correct position inside a preset encoding.  In addition, thanks to the ETIM classification model integrated into a PIM solution, all product data is fully validated even before being shared.

The installers, for their part, are able to use standardized data to optimize the design phases and the calculation of the total cost of a project within the BIM (Building Information Modeling) systems. Precisely because each product complies with standards, the possibility of error in projects is reduced. 
Finally, retailers can have, thanks to standardization, the latest information on products. We remind you that informing the final customer correctly brings greater satisfaction to both parties.

PIM-ETIM integration

Companies in the field of thermohydraulics and lighting that have already implemented a PIM solution know that the structured data allows to manage different output channels. The ETIM standard can be understood just as a type of export and data sharing useful for the whole sector.

The IMP, for its part, can ensure that upgrading, enrichment and distribution to ETIM are always carried out efficiently. Within the PIM it is in fact possible to manage different versions of the ETIM standard, enrich the data of the products themselves with the relative coding, also optimize the management of the languages for the different markets in which the products are resold, have a constant maintenance of the ETIM codes.

Why a PIM at the center of omnichannel strategies

What we talked about just now, the ETIM standard, is one of the examples of how companies, in this case in the construction sector, find themselves having to replicate their data and adapt them to a common language. Duplicating data increases the possibility of error and the time taken to verify that they are always consistent. Having a IMP at the base of these processes can be an advantage not only of time but also economic. Once a data is updated from within the PIM, all data sharing channels are instantly updated with a significant time saving that results in an efficiency of activities.

GMDE has already implemented the PIM at some Italian production companies. In some cases it was expressly requested to export the data to the ETIM standard.Ask us for more information about the integration by clicking on the right to contact us!



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