Published on
September 27, 2021
Giuliana Dusi

The Post Internazionale, new weekly at the newsstand thanks to GMDE

Published on
2021-09-27 00:00:00
Giuliana Dusi

A multichannel editorial system brings innovation to editorial staff

Dear readers, today this new paper journal called The International Post is born. There are two reasons why we made this new pact with you readers. The first: in the chaos of the hyper-information of this era we feel the need for a point of referenceable, every week, to clarify and provide each one with the tools to get an idea. His own.

With these words, Giulio Gambino, director of TPI The Post Internazionale, opens his editorial on the first issue of the weekly newspaper on the newsstands since September 17.

From Monday to Friday, in the speed of these times, we will continue to inform you on the TPI website. On the weekend we invite you to stop the time to go over [...]” This is the reason for the birth of the weekly, to provide further insights.


An adventure, the one of the paper edition, which started also thanks to the support of GMDE, a partner able to combine the great experience of his team of professionals to a portfolio of solutions always up-to-date, dynamic and that adapt to the needs of today’s publishing.

Among the solutions of the package of proposals for publishing, WoodWing Studio was the one that responded to the needs of the TPI editorial staff. The editorial staff, already familiar with the Adobe suite, made an innovative leap forward in the production processes of the newspaper with the adoption of Studio. The system, in addition to providing a powerful and harmonious workflow that allows journalists and collaborators to work wherever they are as if they were sitting next to each other in the newsroom, is open to any additional tasks the newsroom needs in the future.


The Post Internazionale

The Post Internazionale (TPI) is a publication founded in 2010 by Giulio Gambino (journalist with experience at Espresso and La Stampa), together with Francesco Saverio Bersani, Stefano Mentana, Davide Lerner and Adriano Pagani. The newspaper was presented at its inception by the great names of the group l'Espresso, such as the directors Eugenio Scalfari and Lucio Caracciolo. To date, The Post Internazionale generates over 15 million unique users every month, of which over 5 million are readers under 35.

The Post Internazionale does not receive state funding but is one of the newspapers that grows thanks to the contribution of readers.


GMDE, your Publishing Solutions Provider

Always present in the Italian publishing scene as a provider of technology, in recent times GMDE has started a path of change that aims to meet the needs of publishing at all-around.
The printed paper, at the base of editorial strategies, is increasingly alongside digital; new generations of readers, new publishing channels, new ways of involvement have given a shock to publishing and GMDE was not to look at. It has introduced solutions able to manage communication between publishers and readers and to adapt to recent editorial dynamics, where paper and digital editorial are no longer two entities in their own right, but they work together on content by optimizing it for the publishing channel. All this thanks to the technology proposed by GMDE.



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