From Pimcore and GMDE new CX models based on data and omnichannelity

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2023-11-27 11:06:43

At the GMDE event dedicated to Pimcore, an indication of how new platforms that integrate data management and customer experience lead to effective omnichannel communication.

Data management and exploitation are now becoming indispensable, given the disproportionate increase in the amount of digital data being created daily from a wide variety of sources.
Lots and lots of it, much of it probably useless, but some of this data can instead provide some really important information, especially from the perspective of targeting business strategies based on direct information about purchasing behaviour left by customers themselves.
Hence the concept of omnichanneling that a data-driven company today can leverage for differentiated and personalized communication to its customers, monitoring or even suggesting, new buying experiences based on personal attitudes. In a word, improving the customer experience.

GMDE, an evolution of expertise that now sees it as a solution provider in data management

GMDE, a system integrator with 30 years of experience, traditionally focused in activities related to the publishing world, has built on its experience regarding its transformation to the digital world, learning how to exploit the potential of the information that can be drawn from digital data and declining the know-how gained to the industrial world as well.

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