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2023-10-26 00:00:00
Giuliana Dusi

Our mission to a new digital world.

We flew with Carlo, Bernd, Sara and Mauro to Innovation. We talked about technology, strategy, digital maturity and artificial intelligence.

It recently concluded "Spicca il volo con Pimcore!", the event organized by GMDE for Pimcore in which Italian companies from different sectors but with in common the need to improve communication with customers took part.

Technology, PIM and DAM

GMDE brought its experience in developing projects based on PIM Product Information Management and DAM Digital Asset Management, thus the possibility of improving all activities involving customer contact and sharing of product information and assets.
Talk by Carlo Caporizzi, CEO of GMDE.

Strategy and omnichannelality

Pimcore and the future. The most innovative platform of the moment that combines data management and customer shopping experience management. Right now companies need to combine these two worlds to give their customers unforgettable interaction experiences that can lead them to create a direct connection with the company.
Speech by Bernd Dultinger, Head of Partnership in Pimcore.

Digital maturity.

An insight into the digital maturity of Italian companies. How they approach their customers, how internal company collaboration is managed, what strategies they put in place, and what technologies can support companies in their digital transformation journey.
Research from the Omnichannel Customer Experience Observatory in B2B.
Talk given by Sara Zagaria, Director of the Observatory at Politecnico di Milano.

Artificial Intelligence

What have we learned from our first interactions with the most diffuse artificial intelligence algorithms? How can we master it so that it supports us in activities related to producing useful information for communication with customers and retailers?
An in-depth look at the topic with practical examples of application and integration with PIM.
Talk by Mauro Toselli, CTO of GMDE

PIM and DAM in brief by Chat GPT

Let's test it!

Product Information Management (PIM), or Product Information Management, is a system and process used by companies to organize, manage, and distribute information about their products in a consistent and efficient manner. PIM focuses on the collection, aggregation, enrichment and distribution of product information, such as descriptions, attributes, images, pricing and other related information.
Product Information Management is particularly useful for companies that manage a wide range of products or sell their products across multiple platforms. Using a PIM system, product data management can be optimized, operational efficiency can be improved, and accurate and consistent information can be offered to customers, thus helping to improve sales and customer satisfaction.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is a system and process that organizations use to efficiently acquire, organize, store, manage, retrieve, and distribute digital assets. Digital assets can include images, videos, documents, audio files, graphics, presentations, and any other form of multimedia or digital content.
Digital Asset Management is essential for companies, creative agencies, publishers, and any other organization that manages a large number of digital assets. It provides an efficient way to manage, protect, and make the most of digital assets, improving productivity and helping to keep your organization at the forefront of the digital age.



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