Innovating B2B Customer Experience: The Kick-Off Workshop at Politecnico

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2024-03-04 00:00:00

GMDE leads the way towards excellence in Customer-Company Relationships with the support of the 2024 Digital Innovation Observatories

The Politecnico hosted the Kick-Off Workshop of the Work Table on Customer Experience in B2B of the Digital Innovation Observatories 2024 edition, for which GMDE is a partner, on February 29th. 
In line with the constant commitment to progress and technological evolution, GMDE has renewed its support for three Observatories, each specialized in a significant thematic area: Digital Transformation, Digital Solutions, and Vertical Sectors, and has confirmed active participation in this new initiative. 
The project results from collaboration between the Digital B2B and Omnichannel Customer Experience Observatories. It examines how adopting customer relationship strategies in business, focused on data and customer orientation, can generate significant opportunities. It also aims to guide B2B companies in understanding and implementing strategies that place the customer (whether direct or intermediary) at the centre of attention, optimizing the use of digital and physical channels in the customer-supplier relationship. 
The research focuses on several objectives: 
  • Analyzing the evolution of companies' maturity in B2B Customer Experience, identifying best practices in managing the customer-supplier relationship. 
  • Examining the organizational transformations necessary to adopt a customer-oriented approach, personalizing the relationship based on various types of customers (direct, distributors, retailers, and professionals). 
  • Presenting the leading MarTech technologies that support the customer-supplier relationship. 
  • Illustrating the benefits of a customer-centred approach, highlighting the advantages of specific activities, technologies, or collaborative initiatives. 
Through participation in this workshop, GMDE once again demonstrates its leadership and commitment to excellence in B2B customer experience, confirming its role as a point of reference for companies looking to innovate and continuously improve their customer interactions. 


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