Published on
October 12, 2020
Giuliana Dusi

MISE call for tender for Digital Transformation of SMEs

Published on
2020-10-12 15:24:17
Giuliana Dusi

100 million euros allocated. From 15 December applications to apply for the incentive

It was published by the MISE (Ministry of Economic Development) the decree that defines the terms and methods of submission of applications for the "Digital Transformation" of SMEs.

In fact, EUR 100 million has been allocated by the Growth Decree with the aim of promoting the technological and digital transformation of the production processes of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, through the application of advanced technologies provided for in Enterprise 4.0 and those related to digital technology solutions in the supply chain.
In particular, it aims to support Digital Transformation in the manufacturing and business services sectors, in the tourism sector for enterprises engaged in the digitisation of the use of cultural heritage and in the commercial sector, thus contributing to the objectives of innovation and competitiveness growth of the entire productive fabric of the country.

Applications can be filled in from 15 December.

The call for bid in brief

To whom he addresses

SMEs which, at the date of submission of the application, are found to be eligible for the benefits;
  • registered as active in the Register of Companies;
  • operate predominantly or principally in the manufacturing sector and/or in the services sector directed to manufacturing enterprises and/or in the tourism sector and/or in the commercial sector;
  • have achieved, in the year to which the last approved and deposited financial statements refer, a number of revenues from sales and services of at least EUR 100,000,00;
  • have at least two financial statements approved and deposited in the Commercial Register;
  • are not subject to collective proceedings and are not bankrupt, being wound up, even voluntarily, being in receivership, being in arrangement with creditors or in any other equivalent situation under the law in force.

SMEs which meet the above requirements may submit, even jointly with each other, provided that there are no more than ten enterprises, projects carried out by means of the network contract instrument or other contractual forms of cooperation, including the consortium and the partnership agreement in which a leading promoter is a DIH-digital innovation hub or an EDI-digital innovation ecosystem, as referred to in the National Business Plan 4.0.

What finances

The projects eligible for the benefits must be aimed at the technological and digital transformation of the production processes of the proposers through the implementation of
  1. enabling technologies identified by the National Business Plan 4.0. (advanced manufacturing solutions, manufacturing additions, augmented reality, simulation, horizontal and vertical integration, industrial internet, cloud, cybersecurity, big data and analytics) and/or;
  2. technologies related to digital technology solutions in the supply chain, aimed at:
    1) optimising the management of the distribution chain and the management of relations with the various actors;
    2) the software;
    3) digital platforms and applications for logistics management and coordination with high integration characteristics of service activities;
    4) other technologies, such as e-commerce, mobile and internet payment systems, fintech, electronic data exchange systems (electronic data interchange-EDI), geolocation, in-store customer experience technologies, system integration applied to process automation, blockchain, artificial intelligence, internet of things.
  3. To this end, projects must provide for the implementation of process innovation or innovation activities of the organisation, that is, investments.

For more information visit the dedicated page.

Innovation Manager GMDE

To support Call4bids, the new service dedicated to small and medium-sized enterprises, 10 GMDE professionals have obtained the qualification of Innovation Manager at the MiSE. Knowing how to contribute to the technological acceleration of a company and guide its change, as well as increasing its competitiveness is the task of an Innovation Manager.


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