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September 16, 2020
Giuliana Dusi

For hyper-convergence, GMDE relies on Nutanix

Published on
2020-09-16 00:00:00
Giuliana Dusi

Nutanix appliances and software enable GMDE hyper-convergence

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... The problem faced with Nutanix

Mauro Toselli, CTO of GMDE, tells how the company decided to make an important leap in quality, with the aim of always ensuring the best for customers but also to open new opportunities for the future.
For this reason, GMDE needed higher performance but also a more sustainable level of expertise required for the management of the entire system, so as to allow staff to devote themselves to the development of new solutions and customer support.
After an in-depth scouting and testing phase lasting over four months, in which both private and public cloud solutions are considered, at the end of 2019 GMDE chooses to marry Nutanix technology, the one that best guaranteed the development of future activities and that fully supported hyper-convergence, the architecture considered strategic by the company’s IT team.

"We chose Nutanix because its technology expresses the best of hyper-convergence, the architecture on which we have focused to support future developments of the company."
Carlo Caporizzi, CEO at GMDE

The Nutanix solution

GMDE installs, at the Equinix data centre, the strategic IT site for the provision of services to customers, six Nutanix NX 8155 G7 appliances, with 2 CPUs and 512 Gbytes of RAM each. A hybrid storage solution, disks and Ssds, skillfully orchestrated by Nutanix software, is chosen.

The advantages

Today GMDE has an infrastructure adapted to the new needs and to ensure a solid future but above all to ensure the performance and continuity required by large publishers.
The advantages for the GMDE IT team were evident, with a saving of time and operating costs exceeding 50%. Although the machines are physically placed on-premise within a data centre, the Nutanix solution is open to any form of cloud, leaving GMDE the flexibility required for future developments. According to Toselli, the end-user could also benefit from the advantages brought by the hyper-convergence Nutanix noticing greater fluidity and reduced intervention times in case of requests for assistance.


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