Published on
August 30, 2022
Giuliana Dusi

Rescue Drones Network and GMDE

Published on
2022-08-30 18:09:10
Giuliana Dusi

A new collaboration to support the community in medium-macro emergency relief activities.

With this letter I express on behalf of all Rescue Drones Network OdV our warmest thanks for the invaluable support provided. Being able to count on this kind of collaboration from Companies like yours is for all of Us a source of pride and an incentive to do better and better and to overcome, positively, all the goals set with professionalism and competence.
A warm Thank You.

It is with these words that Massimiliano Papa, head of the External Relations and Communications Department wanted to thank GMDE for the technological support provided to the Rescue Drones Network OdV.


The activities of Rescue Drones Network

Rescue Drones Network is the first rapid deployment network of Remotely Piloted Aircraft (Drones) to support both ordinary and medium-to-macro emergency rescue activities, including: missing persons search, rail and road accidents, hydrogeological disruption and fire monitoring.


How drones are employed

Flying over the area of interest, drones are able to take hundreds of images and send them complete with geolocation to an algorithm that can identify a specific color within the pixels of a photo. Once the image is identified with information about, for example, the subject to be searched, the GPS data is passed to the rescue team on the ground, which then completes the recovery task.


Next scheduled event

It will be held from Friday, Sept. 2, to Sunday, Sept. 4, in Roccaraso and Rivisondoli the FTI22 national exercise "Finally All Together" in which all the associations such as Italian Red Cross Sulmona Committee, P.I.V.E.C. Distaccamento di Castel di Sangro, MODAVI ABRUZZO, A.N.A. group of Ateleta Section Abruzzi and of NUCLEO OPERATIVO CINOFILI ECOBY U.C.S. will take part.



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