Published on
October 13, 2022
Giuliana Dusi

New ticketing system for GMDE customers!

Published on
2022-10-13 00:00:00
Giuliana Dusi

All for you, getting better and better!

Starting today and as part of an ongoing innovation process, GMDE has unveiled a new ticketing platform aimed at further improving the support service rendered to its Customers.

Through the new platform, Customers will be able to open tickets not only for support requests but also for changes and/or bug reports.
A notification system will ensure that Customers are always informed of the progress of tickets and have a direct reference with the GMDE team in charge of the tickets.

A Customer Portal and an app will also be available very soon to allow customers to track the progress of servicing via both desktop and smartphone.

And that's not all!

In the coming months, an Augmented Reality service usable via app will be activated, which will enable remote video assistance, step-by-step guidance of on-site technicians during service interventions, and real-time troubleshooting.



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