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June 25, 2020
Giuliana Dusi

OXY DRY pump overhaul service

Published on
2020-06-25 00:00:00
Giuliana Dusi

A new service offered by GBZ Print Service

Thanks to the long-standing experience of highly motivated and competent staff in the printing industry, GBZ Print Service is a reliable partner with tailor-made solutions and a high level of product quality. As specialists in the printing and packaging sector, the company is always able to offer the product that best meets the needs of the customer.

The range of products offered is extremely diversified and includes spare parts for all manufacturers and brands already on the market related to the cutting, punching and bending phases in printing machines.

Equipped with the most modern production equipment, the proposed machines guarantee maximum precision in production. Precision and very tight tolerances are the daily standards of the company which, thanks to the DIN ISO 9001 certification of production, guarantees the quality of spare parts at all times.
With the support of the design department, we also produce pieces tailored to every need and in every degree of complexity. GBZ Print Service is able to solve any customer problem. In addition to the variety of spare parts, many other services are offered such as installation and maintenance of the purchased spare parts, a consultancy in the project phases and analysis regarding the customized parts.

Revision service OXY DRY

Latest news from GBZ, the possibility to carry out revisions both on the water and solvent pumps OXY DRY RO Kombi old style that for solvents OXY DRY latest generation with washing system Protech HS!

The review consists of:
- Disassembly and cleaning of the entire pump
- Replacement of gaskets and jointing rings
- Replacement of suction filter and reflux valves
- Assembly and final test
as regards OXYDRY RO Kombi.

The following is added:
- Replacement of missing or defective components (e.g. optical sensor or reflux valves)
- Installation of additional filter cartridge
- Assembly, final test and performance documentation
for the latest generation

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