Published on
February 28, 2019
Giuliana Dusi

Goss China and QIPC together for the first time

Published on
2019-02-28 00:00:00
Giuliana Dusi

Società Editrice Sud news! Goss China and QIPC to grow quality and efficiency of the printed products

Oosterhout, March 2019 - A new press from Goss China, equipped with Q.I. Press Controls (QIPC) automation, means that Società Editrice Sud will continue to deliver top quality printing in the future.

The collaboration between press manufacturer Goss China and QIPC, the Dutch specialist in measuring and control equipment for the printing industry, is a first in terms of the equipment that will be used.


Quality improvement

QIPC supplies its automation systems directly to Goss China, which is building the new press for Società Editrice Sud. The combination of the Chinese press with the automation of QIPC gives the printing company in Sicilian Messina both a quality improvement and a saving of the number of lost copies. The start-up time will also be reduced. "This installation will help Società Editrice Sud to print more local editions in a simpler way", says Carlo Caporizzi of agent GMDE.


The best technologies

Società Editrice Sud prints the daily Gazzetta del Sud, Giornale di Sicilia, Corriere dello Sport and Tuttosport. The printing company had long been looking for a solution to improve its cost efficiency. Thanks to the advice of GMDE, which has contacts with almost all major players in the graphics market, the combination of Goss China and QIPC was the best. "We have a long relationship with Società Editrice Sud", says Carlo Caporizzi of GMDE. "We always help them choose the best technologies." Conversations with other Italian QIPC users convinced Società Editrice Sud to choose QIPC.


Reference press

The new Goss Magnum Compact press will be equipped with the mRC-3D system for colour register (18 cameras) and cut-off control (9 cameras). "This press should really become a reference for Goss", says Harold Drinhuyzen, sales executive of QIPC. "They only go for the highest quality. This press is an opportunity for us to prove that we are part of the solution that offers the best quality."


Future prospects

This press must open doors for QIPC for the future. "We can prove that our system performs faultlessly, saves lost copies and saves the user time. Printers get value for money. We know that, GMDE knows that and so do Goss China and Società Editrice Sud."




Press release by GMDE & QIPC




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