Pimcore Inspire 2024 Alpine Expedition!

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2024-03-26 00:00:00
Giuliana Dusi

Exploration and innovation for all pimconauts at the event of the year!

March 19, 2024
Zell Am See

A few days ago, the Pimcore Inspire 2024 "Alpine Expedition" was held in Zell a See, Austria. It was a mixture of great content, innovative technology previews and networking opportunities, all in the beautiful setting of the Austrian Alps!

During the event, the entire Pimcore team presented new features for 2024, including Pimcore Studio and PaaS enhancements and showcasing advances in AI/ML and workflow automation. Pimcore Inspire also featured presentations from key Pimcore figures, such as Pimcore CEO Dietmar Rietsch, and sessions focusing on business strategies, technology innovations and insights for developers.
The conference venue, Zell am See, was chosen for its breathtaking Alpine scenery, which aligns with the conference theme: exploration and innovation. The town, known for its natural beauty, is an appropriate setting for an event that seeks to merge the worlds of technology and nature.
The highlight of the event was the dinner on the summit of the Schmittenhöhe, reached by a private night cable car, which offered participants a memorable experience and networking opportunities!

GMDE did not want to miss the annual event dedicated to all pimconauts.
GMDE's key figures were present and covered the main topics of the event: Pimcore Paas, AI and Pimcore CoPilot, major technology partnerships such as the one between Pimcore and Shopware!


Pimcore Paas

Pimcore offers a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution that stands out as a key pillar for companies seeking to get the most out of digital. Pimcore is recognised for its wide range of functionalities and flexible customisation, enabling businesses to free themselves from the complexities and challenges associated with omnichannelisation. With Pimcore PaaS, companies can significantly accelerate project implementation while ensuring optimal performance and maximum security.
Pimcore PaaS is particularly beneficial for companies needing a customised digital strategy solution. It allows companies to fully customise the platform to meet their individual needs, thus offering a flexible and customisable solution that meets complex requirements. This enables more efficient development processes and faster introduction of applications onto the market.
Pimcore's PaaS solution eliminates the complexities of managing the cloud infrastructure, improving workflows from development to live production. It is designed for high efficiency, reliability, and security, providing development teams with the confidence to operate efficiently by drastically reducing the time to build and deploy applications. This makes it a valuable tool for teams looking to optimise development cycles and accelerate time-to-market.

AI integration

Integrating AI into Pimcore offers many possibilities for improving data and experience management. By combining AI with Product Information Management (PIM), companies can significantly improve their operations, ensuring accuracy, efficiency and a deeper understanding of their customers. AI advances in Pimcore can automate tasks, predict market trends, improve security, reduce costs and promote innovation, thus transforming how companies manage product information.
One of the most important innovations is the introduction of Pimcore Copilot, an AI assistant designed to simplify content and data management tasks. This versatile tool adapts its functionality according to context, simplifying interactions with Pimcore's platform and increasing productivity. Copilot helps navigate data objects, assets and customised reports and accurately manages long-running jobs, providing real-time visibility and control over activities. In addition, it comes with pre-configured actions to further facilitate the management process.
The role of artificial intelligence in Pimcore extends to improving product data quality by automating repetitive tasks such as generating, validating and correcting product descriptions. This automation saves time and resources, allowing companies to focus more on strategic decisions.
Pimcore allows the simultaneous integration of different AI providers such as OpenAI, Perplexity, Gemini, Claude, and the models available on Hugging Face. This makes it possible to use the most suitable system for the desired purpose, such as generating missing product descriptions and exploiting product attributes to create detailed and accurate content. This improves data quality and enriches the customer shopping experience by providing comprehensive and up-to-date product information.
The integration of AI with Pimcore is set to revolutionise product data management, providing a seamless, efficient and intelligent system that adapts to the needs of modern businesses. Combining AI's analytical and automation capabilities with Pimcore's robust data management platform paves the way for more innovative operations, personalised customer experiences and, ultimately, business growth.

Pimcore Copilot, main features

Pimcore Copilot is a dynamic AI-powered assistant designed to simplify the management and use of the Pimcore platform. Introduced to provide personalised support for a wide range of features, it represents a significant advance in efficiency and ease of navigation among Pimcore's many capabilities.
Key features and capabilities of Pimcore Copilot
- Context-Sensitive Actions: Pimcore Copilot adapts to the Pimcore section where you work, be it data objects, resources or reports. This feature ensures that the assistant is always ready to tackle the most repetitive tasks, offering constant support.
- Job Execution Engine: This feature gives users complete control over long-running tasks. Users can monitor ongoing processes, track their progress, interrupt them if necessary or even restart completed tasks. This level of control increases productivity and operational efficiency within the Pimcore ecosystem.
- Out-of-the-Box Convenience:  Getting the experience of working with Copilot started right away comes with a set of pre-configured actions. These actions are designed to inspire users and simplify everyday tasks. They include features such as opening custom reports, generating data object variants, assigning image relationships based on metadata, and even generating text content using AI-powered prompts.
Pimcore Copilot represents a leap towards digital excellence, offering users a fluid and more intuitive way to interact with the platform. It is designed to fit into your business workflow, providing relevant support that improves productivity and enables you to realise Pimcore's full potential.

Pimcore and Shopware, an established partnership

Pimcore and Shopware have formed a global technology alliance to enhance digital commerce by leveraging their combined expertise in data and e-commerce innovation. This partnership aims to benefit 165,000 merchants and over 2,000 agency partners in their ecosystem with innovative strategies and support. Shopware extends Pimcore's Product Information Management (PIM) and Data Management offerings with advanced e-commerce operations in both B2B and B2C environments.
This collaboration is set to significantly impact global digital commerce, supported by an extensive partner network for a unified approach to the market.
The partnership between Pimcore and Shopware creates a perfect combination for commerce, addressing the challenge of providing up-to-date and comprehensive product content across all channels. Pimcore, renowned for its PIM capabilities, integrates Shopware's strengths in e-commerce, offering a scalable solution with a wide range of ready-to-use extensions. This synergy enables companies to manage product data effectively, ensuring high data quality and facilitating international sales through localised content and currency conversions, thus enhancing the customer experience across multiple sales channels.
This merger also provides companies with tools for international sales tailored to local markets, management of sales channels from a single dashboard, and an enhanced user experience. Pimcore's ability to centrally manage information and media for all products ensures up-to-date data across all channels. At the same time, Shopware's flexible e-commerce platform and extensive SEO tools improve online visibility and support marketing activities. Together, they offer a complete, customisable and scalable digital commerce solution to meet the needs of companies looking to expand their reach and optimise their digital sales processes.

GMDE and the next steps

As a strategic partner of Pimcore since March 2020 (four years working closely with Pimcore!), he has provided important feedback helpful in developing the new interface that will be available in the next versions of the platform.
He already has Generative AI implementation projects supporting companies' marketing figures.
It also provides secure hosting of the platform at state-of-the-art infrastructures that provide companies with relevant performance in terms of time and resource utilisation. With Pimcore-based projects in very different sectors (furniture to food, publishing to plumbing and heating), it is confirmed as a valuable partner for companies that want to implement omnichannel digital strategies.



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