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July 8, 2019

Richmond E-commerce Forum

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2019-07-08 00:00:00

In Rimini, Richmond will resume its activities dedicated to B2B commerce

March 13, 2019
Rimini Grand Hotel

E-commerce, from electronic commercial transactions to online payment

Those who work in the field of electronic commerce can certainly not miss at Richmond e-commerce Forum. Some among digital managers, e-commerce managers, digital marketing of the most renowned Italian companies such as Delsey Italia, Guzzini and Nominations, will be present at the event looking for new ideas to get the most out of this new form of business.

Rimini will host the Richmond e-commerce Forum, where meetings between delegates and exhibitors will alternate to thematic conferences and workshops. The type of event proposed by Richmond does not change. There will be many useful ideas for the participants of this edition that, in addition to meeting companies providing new technologies in human2human mode, will have the opportunity to hear successful cases and have guidance on how to, for example, use social media to bring new customers to achieve online purchases.

The opening conference "Digital mutants - From the conquest of the west to the conquest of the web" with Ferdinando Buscema, magician, will explain the importance of surprising and involving the public and customers.
"The Web is a habitat in which most of us spend a significant part of its own time? for work and play, for entertainment and shopping. The Web is an invisible and immaterial space, but its reverberations on the life of each one are tangible and concrete, and the implications on thought and behaviour are as profound as ever. The boundary between what is ?real? and what is ?virtual?is blurred, and the ability to move smoothly in the analog/digital continuum, amphibiously, represents one of the new (and fundamental) capabilities of our time."

--> Complete agenda (only in the Italian language)

Who is the event for?

To managers of different fields such as Marketing, Branding, Business Strategy, Customer Relations, Social Media, Digital marketers, Email marketers, Content marketers, Social Media marketers, Social Media Strategists, Media sales that have the management of the company e-commerce channel.

GMDE will be present!

As for the 2018 edition, GMDE will be present in Rimini to present a data and content management platform that can be integrated with every type of e-commerce on the market.



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