Published on
April 27, 2021
Giuliana Dusi

The new normal customer experience, web conference

Published on
2021-04-27 00:00:00
Giuliana Dusi

GMDE among the speakers of the event organized by Soiel international

April 28, 2021

April 28, starting at 9:30 am there will be an online conference dedicated to new ways of interaction with customers.
During the morning, interesting companies' houses will be told that brought innovation in the communicative field to improve the customer experience of their customers.

What will GMDE talk about?

In the intervention entitled "B2B2C, consolidated information to address new sales modes", will be given the vision of GMDE on the B2B2C market, a complex market full of challenges that hamper the ability of companies to provide an optimal experience to users.
This also because of lack of alignment with partners and lack of knowledge of the end customer. B2B2C customer experience is based on the improvement of customer experience combined with the involvement of intermediaries. Useful tools and ideas will be given to structure the communication processes and to have full control of them.

The agenda of the day

09.30 Welcome and opening of business
Sabrina Cristina Cantono, Chairwoman, Soiel International
09.40 Digital Forma Mentis: skills for companies of the future
Federica Bulega, Corporate Training Manager - Ninja Academy Esther Intile, Event & Account Manager - Ninja Academy
10.00 What is normal? Who decides? How technology is changing the market
Federico Rusconi, Head of Marketing and Sales - Gruppo SAEP
10.20 B2B2C, consolidated information to address new ways of customer relations
Giuliana Dusi, Marketing Manager – GMDE

10.40 0.40 The importance of a relevant and personalized Customer Interaction & Experience
Luciana Mirizzi, Tribe Lead Customer Interaction - ING
11.00 Make your customers' Customer Experience unique: Technological innovation driven by artificial intelligence
Jean-François Cabie, Chief Commercial Officer - IFM Infomaster
11.20 The Showroom at the heart of the Customer Omnichannel Strategy
Paolo Coluzzi, Sales Area Manager - Videogecom Stefano Del Prete, CEO - ATIM
11.40 Awareness, involvement, nature: the key words of the new community for health today and tomorrow
Alessia Scarpocchi, Head of Digital Strategies & Online Communication - Aboca Group
12.00 Voice technologies for the new Customer Experience: Automation, Compliance and Customer Authentication
Piergiorgio Vittori, VP BD Worldwide and Regional Managing Director - Spitch
12.20 - Customer experience trends in 2021: a new world, a new customer experience
Chiara Grassilli, Senior Solutions Consultant - Zendesk
12.40 Q&A
13.00 Closure of works

Attend the event

Participation is free but upon registration.
For more information and details please visit the dedicated page!


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