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Management and organisation model

GMDE adopts Model 231, the organizational risk management model that increases the Legality Rating. In fact, the Risk Management Organisational Model 231/2001 is a voluntary tool that GMDE has adopted to prevent a series of risks related to the performance of its activities. In addition, the strong connection of Model 231 with the Rating of Legality ensures the company a number of benefits, both organizational and in relations with the PA. Finally, the Model 231 integrates itself, not overlapping or replacing, with the main ISO standards on quality, safety and environment... Model 231 is a business organization and management model that aims to identify the responsibilities of the individual functions from those of the institution (Risk Matrix) and, above all, identifies for each function its own area of responsibility clearly differentiating it from that of the other functions. In this way, the company is able to adopt a series of procedures to prevent the risks foreseen by 231 and inherent to its specific activity.

Image Management and organisation model

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