Album, digital transformation comes thanks to OIM Omnichannel Information Management

Published on
February 24, 2024
Giuliana Dusi

The solution proposed by GMDE allows you to easily manage digital data and assets

The company

Album is a company that operates in the field of lighting with creative design. With Album systems it is possible to create unique and original atmospheres, bringing the light "only where it is needed". Technology and high craftsmanship (each product is in fact designed and made entirely by hand) are the cornerstones of Album’s philosophy. The products, made exclusively in Italy, are exported all over the world.

Project summary

A data centralization platform has allowed Album to speed up the production of marketing materials and to be able to completely reorganize the company’s website, also implementing e-commerce. The only person responsible for information with a deep knowledge of the products, their history and their optimal use in environments ranging from private to public, has the opportunity to easily share his experience and also have a backup even though technological.

The challenge

After a period of internal structural reassessment, Album had the need to recreate from scratch its website. By setting a page per product in WordPress, the marketing manager realized he needed a structured information repository with data-complete models for each useful product piece both to manage multilingual information and to think about possible future multichannel developments. Moreover, a photographic patrimony organized to local folders has emphasized the impossibility to continue to archive files without logic and above all without backup, with the real risk of being able to "lose" everything.
Second but not least, the complete catalog of products, to be revised to remove those no longer in production, has made necessary the direct integration between layout and data source.


The structure of the data-model in Pimcore (defined as medium complexity) is given by the information on the paper catalog.

The power of the data-models instead is rendered thanks to the reconciliation of the data from the Adobe Indesign layout and management.

Assets have been automatically associated with products with a check and possible manual reconciliation in those cases where, for the naming of assets, the automatic operation has not been successful.

Custom second roles and permissions interfaces have also been created for each scheduled and operating user on the platform.

Before proceeding with the sending of the data to the bookbuilder, it was necessary to start a procedure of import of the prices, always by management, for the generation of the various price lists.

The production of printables is made possible in two ways: the first plug-in integration between Pimcore and Indesign, the second (useful for technical sheets and simple brochures) via Web2Print.

A workflow dedicated to inserting translations has been configured to speed up the insertion of translated texts on pages.

At this moment the project of Album is already in the phase of implementation of e-commerce in a section of the website dedicated.


After a massive operation of import of data, sets and prices in Pimcore also thanks to the support of GMDE technicians, it was possible to quickly produce the price list of the products necessary for the participation of Album at the Fuorisalone del Mobile in Milan, an international event very felt in the design environment. The estimation of the production times of the price list and catalog is still under consideration by the person responsible for the production.

Customer's quote

Thanks to Pimcore we can manage all the product information only once and from a single tool. Centralized data is easier to manage, recover and above all to control. Each department can verify and modify the data according to its skills. Consequently, the communication tools that derive from it, are always up to date! A boon for a company that needs to have Catalog, Price List, technical sheets and website always consistent and up to date!





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