Fratelli Carli chooses Woodwing’s Assets and Studio publishing system to centralize, control versions and share content

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March 23, 2021

The solution proposed by GMDE offers a consistent customer experience through a 360-channel multi-channel communication

The company

Fratelli Carli S.p.A. Benefit Company is a Ligurian company, located in the suburbs of Imperia, specialized in the mail order sale of olive oil and typical Ligurian and Mediterranean food products. Its long history began in November 1911, when Giovanni Carli, one of the six children of the Carlo Carli printer, had the idea of offering the oil produced by the family olive groves directly in the homes of consumers. 
The project takes hold and the printer is the winning card for maintaining contact with the customer. 
In 1912 the first price list was printed, highlighting the brand name “Fratelli Carli”. Even today the printing department is one of the flagships of the company. 
Today Fratelli Carli employs more than 300 people. In addition to the traditional mail order sales, it is present in Italy with 12 single brand stores, on web and social media channels. 

The business model is also replicated in foreign markets. Fratelli Carli products are exported to Austria, Switzerland, France, Germany and the United States. 

Challenges faced before implementing the solution

The growth of the company has been accompanied by the multiplication of contents and commercial initiatives it carries. This has led to the need for more integrated management of the planning and production process of communications addressed to customers. 

The commercial campaigns are in fact the result of the collaboration of different business departments and stakeholders that contribute to the success of all promotional materials, allowing the company to stay in constant contact with the customer and to propose an offer always adequate. 

The challenge of this project was to insert in our context a system that would improve the centralization of resources and correctly interpret the process in place, linking the concept of“marketing campaign” the need to create, produce and finalize communications to customers. 

The process of evaluation for choosing a solution

We initially went in search of a new DAM that would allow us to solve the problem of the disk space of the pre-press. During the analysis of the different solutions, we realized that the project could offer a response to wider needs. The GMDE solution for WoodWing was therefore chosen, as it was considered to provide a better experience in terms of content sharing and workflow management. 

Implementation of the solution in the organization

The implementation work began with a precise mapping of the process in place, which was then re-engineered through the collaboration between the staff of Fratelli Carli and GMDE. At the end of this activity, GMDE created a proof of concept of the project, which was tested for two weeks by end users.  
At the end of the trial period, the development and customization of the solution were completed, which then ended with the “Go-live” in October 2018. During the first month of use, training, inspection and debugging were carried out, especially regarding the integration with the multichannel platform proposed by GMDE for the management of workflow and reporting. 

Possible integrations with other internal systems

One of the main elements that guided the choice towards the WoodWing solution, was the strong integration between the DAM (Assets) and the publishing system (Studio), but especially the opening towards other software. In our case this has meant integrating them with OIM, a PIM proposed by GMDE, which is used for the planning and distribution of activities, to manage the automatisms and to provide the reporting finalized to the researches, performance evaluation and monitoring of delivery times. The WoodWing solution is also strongly integrated with Indesign, allowing graphics to work more efficiently. A further collaboration with GMDE is planned for the insertion of a new plug-in, which will allow to automatically map the price lists importing them directly from databases. 

Results and benefits from the usage of the product

The main benefits of introducing the OIM-integrated WoodWing solution can be summarised in the following list: 

  • Opening the platform for advertising agencies to manage the brief 

  • Possibility of use also from the Web Marketing for business sites 

  • Disk space optimization via versioning (Cloud capability) 

  • Introduction to contract management of the marketing campaign concept 

  • Support for the planning of operational activities (calendars, etc.) 

  • Management and monitoring of the process in all its phases and creation of the worksheets 

  • Optimization of the progress of orders 

  • Automatic coding of orders and campaigns 

  • Native plugin for Indesign with simplified prepress task 

  • Messaging 

  • Reports 

  • searches 

  • Publications and communications archive (as well as images) 





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