B2B Marketing Conference: Drive The Change

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2020-02-17 00:00:00
Giuliana Dusi

How to address new challenges in B2B marketing

February 27, 2020
Milano Auditorium Giò Ponti c/o Assolombarda
GMDE, a partner of ANES, is a sponsor of the event "B2B Marketing Conference" to be held on Thursday, February 27, the Auditorium giò Ponti in the seat of Assolombarda.

Given the great success of the 2019 edition, ANES proposes the format dedicated to the 6 million readers (among companies and professional operators operating in 28 different product areas) of ANES members and to all marketing specialists in B2B markets.

"We live in an era of rapid and profound transformations, the digital revolution pervades all sectors– declares the President of ANES Andrea Boni– To be successful in this great challenge, It is essential for all players to focus strongly on trying to understand and anticipate the evolution of change, each in its own role and in its own reference markets.

4 key themes for

The day’s programme will cover four thematic areas:
  • Media & ADV revolution
    In which we will talk about the opportunities of post-digital communication, the advertising tools made available by giants like Google and Facebook, sustainable performance and innovative content.
  • People 4.0 | Innovation is a culture. Not a department
    To train and value people to be the protagonists of the company’s communication.
  • Innovation lead management
    The funnel marketing behind a successful business and the importance of data and people in the lead generation.
  • Artificial Intelligence: The Current Impact on Business
    Artificial intelligence at the service of marketing, applied to online and offline communication in the interesting unipolsai houses.

Download the full agenda of the day! (In Italian version)

We are waiting for you! Register at the event dedicated page.


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